on the sunny side

it was seriously warm here today. 20º (C) warm. and that, my friends, is serious business for the middle of March. in Scotland. people were sunbathing.

with the increasingly mild weather we've been having I'm a little worried I won't get proper use of all my cozy sweaters, so I've decided to get on that. you've probably seen this adorable sweater in my Christmas post, and it is so worth styling again! I mean, it has green squirrels on it.

dress + sweater- topshop // tights + belt- american apparel // shoes- miz mooz  

I also thought it was about time to get Brando in on these outfit posts, since he has his moments of looking entirely presentable. so here is hubs style file numero uno! ain't he cute?

shirt- gift // hoodie- american apparel (gift) // cords- american apparel // shoes- converse

now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch Doctor Who and read Lonely Planet travel books. perfect night cap.

happy weekend, everyone! hope it's been a good one.

playing: the sunny side of the street- Ella Fitzgerald


Hattitude said...

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

aww he's super cute!

i LOVE love love love this outfit. its so my style. this squirl sweater is adorbs! i love topshop. i will have to go when i get home. they just came to canada!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Emma Litton said...

You're so lovely! I loved the sweater paired with that dress, just perfect.


Rachel The Hat said...

that jumper is amazing! i have a squirel jumper that will probably be vintage soon its so old, but i heart it lots.I saw this one on a girl on being human on tv the other day and loved it.
You guys make such a cute couple! how sweet!
Rachel xx
Ps having a little giveaway on the blog, if you fancy it pop on over :)