meanwhile, back on the farm...


just wanted to prepare you for what's ahead. today, t celebrate St. Patrick's Day (except not at all, it just happened to be my day off) Brando and I made the long and treacherous journey to Doonie's farm to visit the barnyard animals. yeah, we're 24. yeah, we bought the little red buckets of carrot to feed them.

we also learned not to trust google maps to get to a farm by bus, because when it says to walk 12 minutes from the bus stop it really means 50.

Doonie's farm is this little place on the outskirts of Aberdeen where they have rare farm animal breeds. they do educational tours and stuff, but mostly it's just fun for little kids (and childish married couples) to feed vegetables to sheep and such. it's also right on the coast, and you can take the coastal trail to get there, which we did entirely accidentally. it's a little hike along the beach between the oceanside cliffs and the fields full of cows. 

I went a little camera-happy with the animals. I can't help it, they're just so cute! you could tell they were only in it for the food though... they get very excited when you walk over with a red bucket, but they only let you pet them if you feed them first.... much like a first date, really... ba-dum-ching!

no but seriously, they we're totes only after the food. but I didn't care. I love them anyways. especially the ponies. and little baby lambs that follow their mamas around. 

more pictures of cute things (and some outfit photos) after the jump! I promise it's worth it. 

(fyi, that is what happiness looks like.)
dress- vintage // shirt- zara // boots- aldo (gift) // camera bag- jo totes

yeah, I forgot to wear green. don't worry, Brandon pinched me. except he didn't wear green either so it wasn't really fair. we kind of skipped the St. Patrick's day festivities, mainly because we forgot about it a little. I was just excited to have a saturday off work! we're in our own little world here in this apartment.

so I went for a little farm-girl ensemble to stick with our theme of the day. basically a ditsy floral dress and red boots and pig tails. can't have a farm girl without her pig tails. 

I was a hot mess by the time we ended up taking these pictures, because it turned out to be a pretty chilly day. with all the wind making my eyes water and stuff, my makeup was almost entirely gone/on the wrong parts of my face and my hair was a riot. what are ya gonna do...

this pony (which I am well aware is actually a clydesdale horse, but I call all horses ponies because I love them and see it as a term of endearment) made me a little sad. there was something wrong with his eye! not this one, the left one. as I mentioned before, I seriously cannot handle any sort of injury or issues involving anyone's eye, and this cutie had like a chunk missing. not the entire eye, just a bloody piece missing. anyways I'm sure he (she?) was fine, but it made me sad because it probably hurt. and it freaked me out. Brandon said I was offending the horse but I very much doubt it. he was probably more offended that we had run out of food by then.

I don't really know why I told you that, but there you have it. sometimes lessons in biology are kind of icky. 

we were very tired after the hike back. I was glad to get outdoors and see colours other than grey and have photo subjects other than myself and inanimate objects... and it was actually sunny! it was a pleasant afternoon. I want to go back a little later in spring when more animal babies are born. 

that's how it works, right? I really wanna pet a piglet. 
I also kinda want a pet piglet, but that's something entirely different.

sooo happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! whether you celebrated traditionally, or with little red buckets. have a good one.

playing: vertigo- U2 (cause they're Irish)


Sabina said...

Such cuteness! Love your pigtails and all the animals, especially those beautiful ponies.

Kaitlin said...

Awwww, I'm sad I missed out! Can I go back with you in the spring?? ;-)

Kyla said...

You can do a photo overload of a farm ANYTIME! Your pictures are always so beautiful and these are no exception! Love that little lamb :)

MelissaMichelle said...

Oh goodness! Awesome pictures! What a cute blog :) -Melissa

Veronika Novotny said...

Aw, love this and you look SO adorable - absolutely adore what you're wearing!! xo

amberly said...

I love all of these photos! What a gorgeous day with the blue skies, and all the ponies omg! I love the one where you and the black pony are in the full shot!

And you are such a sweetie about eyes!! <333