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hello again, blogosphere!

it's been a busy couple days, but not much worth talking about, so I'm kind of at a loss for content right now. but I did want to leave you with something, since I'll be out of town for a couple of days.

tomorrow after work hubs and I are taking a little trip to Glasgow as a kind of one-year anniversary thing. that's right, it'll be our one-year wedding anniversary soon! I know, I can hardly believe it myself. it's on Monday. ♥

anyways, we're taking advantage of a couple days off and getting out of Aberdeen for a little refresher. neither of us has been to Glasgow before (except to the airport!), and I didn't have a lot of prep time, so we're kinda wingin' it. I'm sure it'll be great fun.

in my absence, I encourage you to check out any of the following things I love lately. :)

Steffy of Steffy's Pros & Cons is knocking spring looks outta the park. I love how she accessorizes with adorable collars and bow ties.

is it just me, or is orange super cool right now? especially paired with pink or sheer lace.
1. Ruche // 2. New Look // 3. Topshop

the girls at Red Velvet released their spring collection! it includes these cute black-and-white dresses (plus one more) and several original-design scarves. very cool!

Kendi is a master of colour and pants. if I could style pants half as well as this chick (and look half as good) I'd give my dresses a run for their money. 

there you have it! enjoy your web surfing, and I shall greet you with an abundance of pictures when I return!
love love.

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Unknown said...

these girls are so lovely and inspiring! I'm one of Steffy's readers too. love her style and always read her blog everyday ✿

Jennifer said...

I love all the bloggers you posted here :)

xo Jennifer