la vie en rose

I don't know of it's the (two!) impending trips to Paris in my near future, or a French film winning the Oscars, but I'm very enamoured with Parisienne style right now. I've always loved French- the language, the history, the fries- and lately I've been style-crushing on the most beautiful & inspiring femmes francaises!

first of all, I am majorly in love with the blogs of these French girls. all feature fabulous photography, killer fashion sense, and positively lovely bloggerinas. I also rather enjoy trying to read them in French, first, before seeing how much of it I got right in the translation!

my newest blog love is The Cherry Blossom Girl. I've only recently discovered her, even though she's been a style icon in the blogging world for quite a while. and rightly so! what kills me, though, is her absolutely insane photography skills. recent posts on Goa in India have some of the most gorgeous pictures I've ever seen, and they've got me swooning. 

Le Blog de Betty is one of the firsts I started following in the blogosphere. she has one of those styles that is so not me, but I absolutely love to find inspiration in! she always looks so effortlessly cool, like a gorgeous French rock star. and her travel posts are always stunning, too. 

Hello, It's Valentine has been one of my favourite blogs for a long time now. not only is its namesake ridiculously gorgeous, her style is constantly picture-perfect and inspires me on a daily basis! everything she wears, I want. it's mind-boggling. and it doesn't hurt that she always finds the prettiest settings for her sweet, vintage-esque photo shoots. 

so please, go check out all those lovely ladies, then take a gander at a few more below!

these French actresses seem to have a special aura. with their effortless style and grace matched with a bohemian-rocker edge, there's something so quintessentially French about them. it's a shared uncanny ability to seem delicate, sweet, & demure, while at the same time being sophisticated, sultry, and vixenish. I think it's the soul-penetrating eyes. or the casual-chic fashion sense...

Clemence Poesy

Marion Cotillard

Audrey Tatou

Melanie Laurent

Berenice Bejo

vive le France!


amberly said...

All of these photos are stunning, and now I, too, have fallen in love with all things French!! Ah, to just have that sort of grace and chicness inbred within me...haha

Sarah said...

Le Blog de Betty is one of my faves too! I'm loving your blog girl, I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch! I love discovering new blogs!

Sarah xoxo