wishin' and hopin' and dreamin'

an inevitable bi-product of the changing of the seasons: what is, a fresh wardrobe wish list, Alex.

not that I need an impending climate shift to get the urge to shop. but it is a pretty safe excuse.
here are some lovely things I have my eye/heart set on at the moment. ♥
(in groups of three, nice & neat for you!)

modcloth, I die. I have to stop browsing this site when I'm bored because every flippin' day there's a new gorgeous little dress that I pine for. right now I have a weakness for cute prints and pastels.
1. yawl come back dress. a peter pan collar, coral, AND sailboats. to borrow phrasing from Chandler Bing, could it be any cuter?!
2. electric sun dress (currently out of stock). I'm a sucker for a good floral. and who doesn't love a flattering vintage silhouette? 
3. run a tight chip dress. I just can't say no to mint green or polka dots. this is just so darn sweet, and easy-breezy to wear with a retro hat and pink ballerina flats.

I tend to prefer vintage when buying blazers and the like, but I have some very specific jacket desires right now. this includes the perfect shade of blue, a go-with-anything cover up, and black&white. pretty jackets are always a good investment.
1. chicwish. I love love love the scalloped hem detail, and the perfect periwinkle shade. this is the blazer I have been waiting for!
2. h&m. I can't resist a suede jacket that is both functional for warmer weather (if it ever comes) and makes me look like a rock star. 
3. lulu's. I find I'm just throwing on a black cardigan or jacket over everything these days. a black&white cropped blazer is not only adorable, it acts like a neutral in a lot of situations.

yeah, I kinda have an Etsy obsession. and I'm kinda drawn to everything gingham or brightly-coloured plaid. these dresses would just be too perfect for summer afternoons in the park. please. please don't buy them before I can, haha.
1. strawberry koi. if you're going on a picnic, you need at least one thing that is red checkered! I'm in love with this classy-cute shirtdress.
2. my forgotten attic. this adorable dress makes me think of sunshine and strawberry ice cream and pretty sandals with bows. basically it is happiness in dress form.
3.  hunnybear vintage. something else I can't say no to; turquoise. the ideal country-summer dress to pair with a straw hat and bare feet.

there is a constant wish list of about a million shoes in the back of my mind all the time. the top three cycles around month to month, and even though spring is coming, I'm back into boots. these three pairs just edged out red pumps for my top spots.
1. jeffrey campbell via lulu's. the perfect ankle boot. if these weren't $140, I'd be buying them right now. with a giant grin on my face.
2. topshop. I reeeeally need these babies to come back in stock, because they might actually be my next real-life purchase. yay navy!
3. seychelles. these have made my wish list before, and they're still at the top because I really think they would give any outfit chic vintage flair. I'm discovering a deep love of neutrals. 

last but not least, three darling little numbers that I am dying over. I try not to explore the world of internet shopping often, since I'm most definitely in a no-spend zone. but once in a while a special dress catches my eye on pinterest or another blog or by chance. and it's just fate. :)
1. chicwish. I still want my vintage dress in this pretty caramel colour, but I couldn't resist the cute collar and the pretty bow brooch!
2. asos. look closely. those are letters on that perfectly-flared skater dress. it's the alphabet dress. perfect for word nerds.
3. topshop. oi vey, again with the blue! I really love the shade and simplicity of this dress. 

now if anyone wants to send me about $1000 so I can get all those... that'd be great. 
or you could just enjoy the pictures and find an early spring treat of your own. but maybe the first thing. 


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Ruby said...

Love the vintage dress!! The one in the middle is amazing!!! :-)