I am aglow with thoughts of you

once in a while I am really happy to see a certain trend come "in style." this happened before with lace, midi skirts, and high-waisted pants. right now, it's uneven hems.

particularly skirts that are longer in the back. for a girl with quite a lot of booty, it's nice to feel like you are safely contained at all times (even while twirling and prancing around a park at sunset...). I love that it makes a skirt flowy and long, without feeling too old fashioned or amish.
(not that there's anything wrong with looking amish, it's just not a look I normally go for.)

I got this new dress from work after winning a gift card. I had a hard time choosing what to buy; it came down to a sheer polka dot button-down, a practical grey hoody, or this dress. it was just too special to pass up! besides, it's an outfit in itself. more for your money!

I really like how it moves when I walk, that I can dress it up or down, and that I can just throw it on with any colour tights or cardigan and it will still look cute. earlier in the day when I wore this dress to work I had on bright aqua-blue tights and a black cardi. I love when patterns work with a lot of different colours!

dress- new look // blazer- zara // boots- modcloth // sunnies- ?? a street vendor, I think

Brando and I got to play with the lighting more in these pictures. usually we just have a grey sky to contend with. it was a challenge at first, but we got the opportunity to practice! and I love how the light shines through the sheer fabric of the dress. 

on our little wander we also made a new kitty friend! why is it all kitties I meet outside are snuggly and loveable, then when I foster a rescue he turns out to be the spawn of satan? 
maybe I need a black and white kitty. that seems to be the trait that makes the difference. 

how cute is he with the crazy green eyes?!
silly kitty. I shall name you Sprout. 

hope you all have a lovely day full of cuddly kitties and sunshine. 

playing: love's lost regard- Amelia Curran


Hattitude said...

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

awesome red jacket with the blue shoes! so bold and bright! i love it!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Sian Thomas said...

I'm adoring these hems at the moment too!! I got a dress with an asymmetrical hem recently but I'm trying to save it for some good weather to wear it, not looking good so far!!
I love your blog, I'm following now =D