good things come...

monday again! man, there are so many mondays in a year. how do we ever get through them all...

today I escaped work while it was still (barely) light out, so Brando and I grabbed some quick photos with the first spring daffodils. there are just a few sprouting up right now, but later there will be fields of  them to play in. it's hard to believe spring is on its way... and I can't even remember what summer feels like. but it's nice to not need your mittens every day now.

dress- AX paris via newlook // cardigan- primark // hat- accessorize // boots- forever21

tangent: I got this cardigan for £5 (about $8) and it is exactly what I was looking for in a cozy, chunky cardi. I had my eye on this one from Asos, but there was no way I could justify paying £40 for a plain sweater right now. I'm glad I waited, because the one I have is almost exactly the same, and I definitely get more bang for my buck! 

moral of the story, kids, is good things (and cheaper things) come to those who wait. and who visit bargain stores more often. 

sure, there was only one left and I got it at about four sizes too big, but... £5.

anywho. moving on. 
after some quick snaps I made cream cheese enchiladas and we had a friend over for dinner. I used this recipe I found through pinterest, and it is soooo good! I made a few modifications with mine, but essentially all you need to make them awesome is cream cheese. which basically makes everything awesome. basically.

after dinner we all went out to a movie. it was nice to have some real social interaction that didn't involve blaring music or impending hangovers. all in all it made for a very lovely monday indeed. 

here's to a week starting off well!

playing: seeds- hey rosetta!


Hattitude said...

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

wicked cardi! i love floral dresses. i've got my eye out at the vintage shops for some new ones for this spring.
daffodils already?? sweet hella banana i can't wait for flowers to be in bloom here!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Veronika Novotny said...

These photos are so pretty! And you look gorgeous, love how you styled this floral dress. I'll have to create something similar soon, because I'm just smitten with your look here. xo V

Unknown said...

These pictures turned out so nice. I really love the cozy cardigan over your pretty dress. The hat is super cute too.