come away with me

aaand we're back!

our mid-week weekend in Glasgow was a lot of fun. it was relaxed and laid back, but we still got to see a few of the sights. for just two days I think we did alright.

on day one we scoped out the city centre, met an old friend of Brando's for lunch, and went to see a show in the Glasgow Comedy Festival (which we didn't know was on until we arrived!). it was a lovely, sunny day and we had a great time exploring the city!

and fyi, the blue police boxes are real things, but they also happen to be the chosen form of the tardis from Doctor Who. hence the several excited photos taken with one. it's not just a police call box, people. to us it's a time-travelling space ship.

that's right.

what I find even funnier than this bit of geeking out, is that people still use these boxes in Glasgow. meaning you can lock a trouble maker in there while waiting for the police to come. I don't think those are bigger on the inside...

this is probably my favourite corner ever. a Starbucks (where I had a yummy mid-morning latte), an American Apparel (where I got a new batch of candy-coloured tights), and an Urban Outfitters on the other side (where I didn't buy anything, but found the prettiest embroidered flask!). 
yep, liking Glasgow at this point.

we didn't really do much shopping, but Glasgow has plenty of it to tempt you. 

a friend of Brando's from his hometown is going to university in Glasgow, so we met her for lunch. we had some great pub food, including a ginormous chicken-jalapeno pizza that I thought was personal sized... it wasn't. but I ate almost all of it! can't go wrong with pizza + jalapenos. 

after lunch hubs and I did a little sightseeing, starting with the Glasgow Cathedral. it's very beautiful and very free and open to the public pretty much all the time, so it's worth checking out if you're ever in the city! cathedrals always make awesome photo subjects. and this one also houses the tomb of St. Mungo, the patron saint of Glasgow.

behind the cathedral is the Necropolis, which I thought was a ridiculously awesome name for a cemetery. it is literally like a city for the dead. it's very huge and full of big tombs and mausoleums that look like little buildings. 

it's really funny how people treat grave yards over here; they're very pretty, so people just hang out in them all the time, and it's perfectly normal! people go for walks or jogs, sit on benches, even eat lunch in grave yards. they're kind of like... parks. parks filled with dead bodies. 

I still don't get it, so much. 

there you have it, Glasgow day #1! 
I've got lots more to share, so come back for a visit tomorrow. :)
now if you'll excuse me, the times go ahead tonight, so I'm already an hour late posting this. time for this chick to get to bed. 
hope everyone had a nice actual weekend. my mid-week weekend was pretty great. 

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