we sit on front porches + swing life away

real weekends still fly by far too quickly. all the way from junior high to lame jobs, monday always seems to arrive too soon. it's a fact of life.

I had a lovely weekend of both relaxation and productivity. and I only have to wait till tuesday to get another mini-weekend of my own. so I guess I can't complain.

dress- vintage // boots- new look // socks + tights- american apparel // belt- modcloth

I've been going kind of crazy with the accessorizing lately, but today I toned it down a notch. just some cozy socks and violet lips. this dress seemed to speak for itself. 
and also I just couldn't be bothered with accessorizing. it is the day of rest, after all! 

speaking of rest, I need to get some. so I'll keep this short (and hopefully sweet?) and leave you with that. 

hope your weekend was worth the wait, & your monday is pleasantly tolerable. 

playing: swing life away- rise against

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kaila mo said...

adorable dress!! and i like your socks :) these pictures are so cute!