we all fall down

february and I started off so well.
I was sure this was going to be the month to really start 2012 off right. get down to business. turns out karma either doesn't exist or I really don't understand how it works.

but I'm still working on my positive attitude! and today was a pretty great day. I didn't start work till 5 so I had a lovely afternoon to myself. I walked to the park, had a latte, dropped in on a little vintage shop, and bought some bubble bath (with every intention of using it nightly).

of course it was around -1million degrees outside again, so the walking lost its charm fairly quickly. but I feel the afternoon reached maximum potential.

I also got a surprisingly large number of compliments on my outfit today, which was lovely! I tend to leave the house feeling dishevelled and displeased, but it's nice to know sometimes I pull it off. :)

unfortunately the blustery wind made my hat a somewhat impractical choice... I had to hold it down on my head to keep it from blowing away (hence the slightly repetitive posing). I really should learn, though. there are two things you must always assume about Scottish weather; all garments must be secured to your person, and you will need an umbrella.

skirt- h&m // lace bodysuit + tights- american apparel // hat- topshop (sale!) // scarf- primark // shoes- aldo

I did have a rather inconvenient happening in this skirt; while chatting to a very charming charity promoter/propaganda spinner, I was informed (by a passerby, not the chatty gentleman) that my skirt had tucked itself into some part of my undergarments. how this happened I do not know, since I had not been to the bathroom or had any other reason to remove & rearrange my clothing since taking these pictures. sigh. 

this is like, the third time this has happened to me in two months. just when I start to feel safe in skirts, my underwear has to go and ruin it for me. 

I've been suffering a lot of embarrassing moments lately. nothing mortifying or potentially scarring, but embarrassing nonetheless. 

the other day I was walking along, happy as a clam, when out of nowhere I slipped and fell flat on my face. ripped my tights and scraped my knee and everything. and man, you forget how much scraped knees hurt. those things sting like a mother. 

I guess I'm just a klutz. oh well. and I was under the impression I could be a lady someday. 
silly me!

playing: satin in a coffin- modest mouse


brando said...

Your picture are better when I'm not taking them. I'm going to have to speak to that tripod and ask him how he does it.

amberly said...

I think you are so adorable Sarah!! Just develop an annoying, bubble gum-like giggle and play every thing off!! Shit happens, just brush it away and move on! Who cares :) Just stay safe!! I always have these visions in my head of me tripping down a flight a stairs!! One of these days its just going to happen...

Your outfit IS amazing! I love the sheer lace, the colors, your shoes!! A trick for keeping my hats on is to wear a thick headband around my head, or an ear warmer and put the hat on top! It works well!! And you must find a cute, purse=friendly sized emergency umbrella :) And Brando is right, your photos are lovely! You're very talented, girl!

Unknown said...

This is lovely. The lace top looks so nice with your pretty skirt. The colors in this outfit are great too.
Also, oh no about the undergarment tucking-in situation! Although I must say, if that mysteriously happened to me I would think it's hilarious.

Sarah K. said...

he's just very focused.
... LOLZ.

Sarah K. said...

haha yeah, it is pretty funny. usually I do find these things laughable, but it's been happening a lot!

Sarah K. said...

thanks very much! that headband thing sounds like a great trick, I'll have to try it!

and whenever I come to a tall flight of stairs I ALWAYS picture myself tumbling down them. it looks hilarious in my head, so I usually laugh, but then I remember how much it would hurt...