sky blue sky

I don't know if you can see this, guys, but there is actually sun in these photos!

"sun??," you say?

today was one of those glorious days when good things happen unexpectedly. this is an especially big deal for me, since usually good things only happen if I try reallyreallyreally hard. and then I get deported. 

good thing #1: after raining all morning, once I was dressed + had makeup on, the sun came out and I could actually see blue sky.

good thing #2: the outfit I originally planned looked almost the same on me as it did in my head! and, more importantly, still fit.

good things #3: my hair did this all by itself. no hair dryer, no scrunching, nothin'. I must have done something to please the hair gods because normally they just hate me. (this note does take for granted that you do not find this particular bed-head look horrendous. I prefer it to my hair's usual "meh, I'll just lay here" attitude.)

good thing #4: the grocery store had all the ingredients for veggie chilli. I almost always have to make some sort of substitution or omission. not today, bitches! it's Sarah's good day. 

good thing #5: new episodes of New Girl and Modern Family and I actually got to watch them online without "buffering" for 20 minutes. (thanks for taking down megavideo/videobb/videozer, by the way. i'msayingtheoppositeofwhat'strue.)

good thing #6: getting to talk to the bestest-best life partner in all the galaxies on skype. (she just happens to live on earth. oh and also gave me the watch I'm wearing!)

dress- modcloth // blazer- topshop // tights- aa // necklace- Camden market // shoes- Jeffrey Campbell // watch- wedding gift

good thing #7: my parents are coming to visit us this summer so I get to do a little farewell tour of the UK. they want to see Edinburgh and London and Stonehenge and even jet over to Paris! I'm doing the planning and I'm having so much fun with our little itinerary. 

...I guess since seven is a lucky number I'll stop there. besides, it's pretty late now so I don't think there will be anything to add to the list before I pass out. unless there's an emergency casting call for Doctor Who in my building at 3am. or I get mail. getting mail is so great. 

if karma exists I'm scared that tomorrow is going to be a disaster. 
wish me luck. ♥

playing: I like dirt- red hot chili peppers


amberly said...

I love the light in these photos!! And your blazer, dress and necklace!?! Such adorable pieces and wonderful together!!

We should send each other snail mail :) And I love family vacations, I've grown to look forward to them now that I'm awesome you get to plan the trip!!!

I hope you have many, many, many more sunny and 'Sarah' days! <3

kaila mo said...

ohh your blazer is AMAZING i love it so much! the color is so lovely!! and i enjoy the pop of red in your shoes!! :)

Unknown said...

You look so pretty! I love the color of your blazer paired with that pretty dress. That necklace is pretty awesome too!