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I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but dresses are kind of my favourite.

the right dress will excel in both form & function, never have to be pulled down or pulled up to conceal body parts, and always accentuate your best features. a dress is an outfit in itself. a dress is suitable for almost every occasion. a dress never gives you that awkward bunching around the crotch that looks like a diaper. yes, I, as we say in Newfoundland, "dies for a scatter dress."

I especially enjoy ones that are feminine, environmentally friendly, and given to me with love as a Christmas present.

...oh, that's like this one!

this lovely dress is designed by Annie Greenabelle, who makes some of the prettiest clothes I ever did see. I feel like it's kind of a twist on the classy Audrey Hepburn dress, and I'm sure Audrey would approve.

today was a dress-up-for-no-reason kind of day. I just get so excited when I have a day off that I want to wear all my pretty things, all at once! today hubs and me just took a walk around town in the ever-present light rain, grabbing cupcakes and taking photos andhandingoutCVs and having some Subway. 

fun fact, apparently Subway doesn't have or accept gift cards in the UK. 
well, not a fun fact for me, since I have a gift card...anyone want a Subway card worth $25 CAD? 

no? alright then, on with the photos. 

we also finally got to see The Muppets this afternoon! it was so much fun to watch, as I suppose everyone who's seen any muppet movie would expect. I'm sure part of the novelty is the nostalgia and the kitsch and the anticipated cameos, but what the hell. it's pretty darn funny. 

and worth mentioning that I think we were the only people in the theatre who knew who Feist was. guys, Feist is awesome.

I never really watched the Muppets growing up (I know, shock and horror). but I did watch Muppet Babies and The Muppet Christmas Carol and have Muppet toys. Kermit was always my favourite. I like that he plays the banjo and is kind of nerdy and environmental. he's like a hipster. 
Kermit is so now.

which muppet is your favourite?

dress + tights- gift // blazer- h&m // scarf- vintage // shoes- aldo

lastly, I would just like to mention that my blazer is in fact pale pink in colour. "blush," if you will, or perhaps "ballet pink" if you're an American Apparel geek (like myself). I hate how it kind of looks white or cream in pictures. 

yes, that is how I chose to end this long, random post. the questionable colour of my jacket.
...I am very tired. 

goodnight folks!

playing: diamonds on the inside- Ben Harper

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Unknown said...

The Muppet Movie was awesome! I think I was smiling through the whole movie.
Also you look incredibly cute! This outfit is so classic and girly. I love it! That dress is fantastic.