rain on my parade

leave it to Scotland to rain on my well-intentioned day off. but you can't keep a blogger down! you hear me, weather? I shall face the rain and freezing cold and numbing extremities to get vain photos of myself that I only moderately like.


jacket- vintage // shirt- forever21 // jeans- american apparel // shoes- h&m

I thought I'd bust out the red jeans for another go. and I did like this look better than the last, although I think I know what the real problem was; I don't like not tucking my shirts in. mostly because otherwise they always hit at the hip, and that is not the best place for me to emphasize. in conclusion, red jeans look #2 is good, but still not spot on. 

don't you hate when there's an item of clothing you absolutely love, but can't make an outfit that you absolutely love with it? 

oh well. 

this is also my new purple lipstick. kinda forgot to emphasize in the hustle to, you know... get off the freezing streets. 
it's Dior.
ooh la la.

that's pretty much it for today. 
unless you want me to further discuss the state of cold I am constantly in. because our apartment is pretty arctic as well. 
being Canadian is almost no help at all. 

playing: mr. jones- counting crows

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amberly said...

I really love the pop of red with your dark colors on top!! I'm so jealous of your red pants! I want some so badly... I found some once at a thrift store, but was TOO CHEAP to pay $6 for them...believe me, I punch myself mentally every time I see red pants on blogs...

But my absolutely favorite part about these pictures is your hair and your lipstick! GORGEOUS Sarah! Don't let the blah grey weather get you down!! Cute hair and an amazing lippy are a perfect remedy!