pieces of me

day-to-day life around here is pretty low key. I'd like to think I'm a bit of an adventurer at heart, but really I'm pretty much a homebody. I envy Dora and her explorer ways. I just do not have her stamina.

that's why it takes me like a week to build up enough photos for a random bits + pieces post.

♥ nothing like giant cookies for breakfast! om nom
♥ easy decor on the cheap; postcards on twine.
♥ heading to a movie with the hubs.
♥ one of my favourite places- the BEST marshmallow cupcakes.
♥ hello, I'm the Doctor. // tuesday's pizza night!
♥ homemade cranberry salsa (a lot of these pictures are of food...) // fun wall art
♥ a successful topshop visit with a snazzy new hat.
♥ making sweet potato burritos (again, food) // grey Aberdeen...
♥ trying to be artsy on my walk home. yeah, this was taken at 5pm. totally dark.
♥ I could not love this movie more. Gregory Peck makes me swoon.
♥ whip cream is a godly substance.

I find it kinda funny that those pictures are almost completely colourless. and by funny, I mean sad. Aberdeen is really grey. everything looks the same. I swear, some days I just want to run through the streets with a bucket of paint in each hand and just go wild. I bet it would look AWESOME. 

anyways, that's a day several days in the life. 
so excited for the weekend, you have no idea! 

playing: bye bye Montreal- Amelia Curran

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