mama mia, here I go again

today was a bit of a lazy day. unintentionally, which is not really a good thing, but I enjoyed it anyways.

I spent some time after work browsing the bookstore, specifically the travel section. now that there's another trip to look forward to I'm getting a little stir-crazy! I got an awesome Lonely Planet guide to Berlin (how was I not using these before??) and have been daydreaming pretty much all evening.

and of course one of the first modes of dream-vacation planning is wardrobe. so I put together a few dream outfits that I'd love to be wearing when I visit each of these lovely European destinations. I'm using them as inspiration for what I'll actually pack.

1. a Monet-inspired spring dress- modcloth
2. a light coat fit for Marie Antoinette- modcloth
3. purple velvet brogues- modcloth
4. cream herringbone fishnet tights- american apparel
5. charming skeleton key earrings- Black Star

Paris photo via google, for sale on Etsy

1. a cute + practical romper- modcloth
2. a versatile denim jacket- topshop
3. a neutral-coloured hoodie for cozy layers- new look
4. I love some pretty brogues!- new look
5. matching tights- american apparel

Berlin photo via google, found here

1. a sunny, vintage dress- Size is Just a Number
2. classic floppy straw hat- asos
3. a quirky statement necklace- topshop
4. a light cardi, just in case- new look
5. mix-and-match patterned flats- modcloth

Rome photo via google, wallpaper site

1. I love a white eyelet dress these days!- Salvage Life
2. a silk scarf to wear in my hair- Good Bones Vintage Co.
3. a wicker case as handbag- Vintageholic Frog
4. jewelry inspired by Athena- Black Star
5. flats in Grecian blue- aldo

Athens photo via google

and of course I picked all flat shoes because, let's be realistic- I'm not wearing heels walking on cobblestone streets for ten hours a day. darn Europe and it's many, many cobblestones. 

to me, it seems like each city has it's own certain sartorial feel about it. like there's a distinctly there outfit that stands out in my head for each one. do you feel like you dress differently when travelling to different places? 

I'm sure by the time may rolls around I'll have whole new ideas.

playing: against the wind- Bob Seger


Valeriya said...

Great sets! I love the floral romper!

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Perfect outfits for each city. I'm going to Berlin this year and I might steal the red shoes, along with everything else from this entire blog.