life's too short, babe

I'm going kinda crazy with the outfit posts lately, so I thought I'd post a little inspiration board for myself to mix things up.

these are some things that are really inspiring me lately, in my wardrobe & my life.
happy weekend, everyone!
clockwise from top left: yummy macaroons / yummy lots of things! / ice cream art fr. here / Louis Vuitton soda shoppe editorial / art-chitecture :)
all photos via google, key word "pastel confection"

I'd kill for those eyes. and Beginners is an amazing movie! so sweet and superbly acted. 
via google.

top row: amazing hats for everyone! / the chicest of friends
middle row: actress Constance Bennett / actress Coleen Moore / Vogue cover from the 1920s
bottom: Zelda + F. Scott Fitzgerald / true glamour
via google.

these art pieces are so amazing; I have a soft spot for the Alice in Wonderland tea party, but the galloping horses impress me the most.
via google.

such a beautiful and talented lady, with such a sad story. I went through a big Whitney phase in my teens and I maintain that she has one of the most incredible voices of all time. who doesn't love a good ballad?

playing: I will always love you- Whitney Houston

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