just another manic monday

another week, another monday! 
I can hardly believe february is going by so fast. feels like only yesterday I was saying goodbye to my friends & family and coming back to Scotland... spring will be here before we know it! I'm pretty excited for that because there are a lot of good things happening this spring. 

I'm still trying to make the most of this dreary winter. here are a few pictures from the past week. 

1. "five more minutes..."
2. shadows cast in rare morning sunlight // crazy morning hair + essential morning coffee
3. put yer face on
4. walking around Aberdeen
5. a comfy place to chill
6. pretty lamp posts at the public library
7. the only place around here to get a real hot dog
8. slurppp... yummm
9. discovered a cute vintage shop!
10. Brando's artistic handiwork
11. having a look around inside
12. more aimless wandering
13. a visit to the art gallery 
14. scream for your supper // pensive?
15. out for dinner, and the sun's still out! we've had a breakthrough. (literally!)

happy monday, folks. 

playing: save the population- red hot chili peppers


Virginie said...

Looks like the perfect week-end!

Doesn't Monday always come way too fast?

Virginie ♥

Indy said...

Aww, what lovely photos!

amberly said...

Oh my gooodness! All those fur hats in that vintage shop!! And so cute you eating a hotdog with your balloons!!! :) Such fun snaps, it looks like good times all around! Fun to catalog your week through such wonderful photos!