jump into the fog

yesterday myself and my friend Katie from work had the same day off. this never happens. we snatched up the opportunity to do a little sightseeing- for me, of course, with Katie as the tour guide.

she showed me around the town of Stonehaven, which is a quaint little seaside town just outside of Aberdeen. it has it's own castle, standard yummy fish & chips, and the accolade of creating the deep-fried mars bar. I was sold.

unfortunately, as you can tell by the above photo, by the time we hiked out to the castle, braving mud, mist, and potential zombie apocalypses... the whole thing was completely shrouded in fog. we literally couldn't see it.

but it was still great fun. and the fog only means there's an excuse to go again. well, two excuses- the mars bar place was closed, so I'll definitely be returning to experience that.

coat- canada goose // hat- handmade gift (!!) // scarf + tights- american apparel // bag- jo totes // socks- claire's // boots- new look

thumbs up for Stonehaven! definitely worth a visit (or two, depending on the weather). 
hey, I think I just made up their new slogan. 

playing: fight for this love- Cheryl Cole (I know, guilty pleasure of the week)

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