grow up + blow away

one of us is gonna be here 
and one of us is gonna be running
off alone into the great unknown.
you're not me, you're a model of freedom
all you need are your kicks when you need 'em
come and go, caught that slow alright.

with the one hand off the side
we get farther away in the blink of an eye

and it's the time we waste
swallowed into space
it's the time it takes
to blow away

hey you, yeah you gotta be leaving
say what you want, what you say
say anything
no one knows just how deep it goes.
we are old in your teenage tyranny
and all you need is a hunger to feed
I've got my own secrets though, say what?

with a heart full of mess and lore
we are doomed but we wanted more

it's the ride we take
the many winged escape
it's the bough we break
to blow away...
and we blow away


I have to admit I loved dragging a bunch of helium-filled balloons around all afternoon. even when they kept hitting Brando in the face and blowing into the paths of strangers walking past. I felt whimsical and joyful, like a cartoon princess. now I remember why kids love balloons so much! 

balloons are just such intrinsically happy things. they're kind of old-timey and even a little magical, the way they float and bounce and always look so pretty in bunches. balloons remind me of sweetness and simplicity. even when they blow away, and it seems kind of sad, there's something sort of free and lovely about it. 

or maybe I'm just a little too into my balloons. hmm...

dress- dorothy perkins // navy tights- jo fresh // shoes- topshop // earrings- Christmas gift

this was kind of a recreation of my Valentine's day outfit. I loved the retro look of the dress so much that I thought it deserved it's own special photo shoot, with props and all. we had so much fun with these pictures. 

and, um, yes, that is a graveyard behind me. but it's not as weird as it seems; people here kind of treat pretty graveyards like little parks. there are benches and cobblestone paths and people eat lunch in here when it's sunny. I think it's kinda weird, but it is one of the prettiest places in the city centre. 

and I didn't step on any graves, I promise. 
although that would be really cool for a zombie photo shoot. maybe for next halloween... 

playing: blow away- a fine frenzy


Thesmallnoble said...

beautiful outfit. I love it! You have a great sense of fashion. I'm following you now :)

brando said...

not to toot my own horn, but I think these are the best photos ever on your blog :P

Sarah K. said...

thank you so much! ♥

amberly said...

Beautiful, Sarah! Those balloons are such a cute prop! I didn't notice it was a graveyard until you mentioned it!! :)

And props to Brando!!!!

Have a great week together, you too!! Keep smiling and dressing in such fun spring colors!!