february, won't you be my valentine?

well, my cold is not completely gone, but I seemed to have passed the worst of it on to Brando... poor fellow. that does mean that I've been feeling up to some picture-taking in the past couple days.

and can I say, february, you have come on mighty fast. january was just a blur of transatlantic flights and post-Christmas blues and back-to-work-ness. perhaps february will be kinder.

the new month certainly made a good first impression. today was a perfect blend of relaxation and productivity (at least, the feeling of productivity. which is what's important). I slept in, had a latte- with whip cream, for once!- got outfit photos, did errands, went to a movie, cooked supper, watched my Scottish friend Craig Ferguson on youtube, and now here we are!

...just to be clear, Craig Ferguson isn't actually my friend. he's a late night talk show host. but he is Scottish. and I do love him.

this outfit was another thing I felt good about today. I feel like I'm back in the zone; fit-and-flare dress, a belted cardi, and cute pumps. I admit I gave into the january sale propaganda to buy this dress. I was just browsing to kill some time, and there it was. all colourful and perfectly-fitting. and only $22! (roughly the same price as that new lipstick...yeesh.)

but I think a girl deserves a feel-good dress with sunflowers on it after a month like january. does anyone like january? it's like december's snooty & unattractive older cousin. as in, dull and cold and pales in comparison to the month of Christmas and homecomings. 

dress- monsoon // cardigan- forever21 // belt- primark // shoes- ebay // necklace- Bueno Style on etsy

I kinda just wish it would snow here. I find winter so much more tolerable with snow. at least until I have to fight my way through it to get to my front door, or I nearly die walking home in it, or all my footwear is permanently soaked through.
...I'm looking at you, Newfoundland!

but seriously, something other than constant grey and drizzling rain would be a welcome change. 

oh february, I have so much hope in you. 

playing: somebody that I used to know- walk off the earth (stuck. in. HEAD.)


Unknown said...

Love the outfit, Sarah! And your hair looks so cute like that. Also, I want to thank Brandon for posting that song on pinterest. It's stuck in my head too. It's been the replacement for Born to Die by Lana Del Rey. I'm sure you heard that one long before I did.


Unknown said...

I'm loving the floral dress and cardigan. I've been thinking about breaking out my florals too. The yellow heels are an amazing pop of bright color in this outfit. So cute