breaking all the rules

I have this weird thing for blue eyeshadow. I think I'm probably supposed to hate it. half the people who know anything about makeup say it's never okay, and the other half say it's not good if you have blue eyes. well, here I am, standing up as an eyeshadow outcast, because I think blue eyeshadow is cool.

there, I said it.

(oh and you're also not technically supposed to wear eye makeup that matches your clothes. but you also "shouldn't" wear socks with sandals or white after labour day or summer dresses in the winter, etc., etc. I think we all know people don't really follow the laws of fashion anymore.)

dress- dorothy perkins // cardigan + tights- new look // gloves- american apparel // boots- aldo // scarf- modcloth 

on a different note, Aberdeen finally got some snow the other day. of course the measly little bit that stayed on the ground was gone by the end of the next day, but it was nice to have some different weather for a change. I hate winter without snow. seems so empty and pointless. 

with my winter spirit renewed, I decided to go for a "bundled up" look as my outfit. if it weren't so cold I'd just wear the dress and tights; perfect, simple outfit. but since I had to add layers I went all out with the cozy accessories. I think it's a pretty okay way to wear springtime florals in colder months.

playing: heavy in your arms- florence + the machine


Unknown said...

I like the blue eyeshadow and the cute layering in this outfit! That floral dress is really pretty with your bright blue tights.

kaila mo said...

a your outfit is so bright and colorful, i like all the layers!! and i really like your sweater, its really cool! and i actually like the blue eye shadow, you can pull it off!! :)
thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!! :)

aliciafashionista said...

Such a great layered look, I admire your use of colour! I get so scared of bright tights, I have yet to even wear mine! And you totally pull off blue eye shadow :)