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well, if any of you have read my last-minute Oscars post, you may have noticed my predictions did not fare well. I got 50% on the biggies, and overall did probably the worst I've ever done on my ballot! but, it was all in good fun, and I was very surprised by the way the awards went.

I'm not going to do a summary on who won or who should have, because I'm sure that's all over the internet already and is kind of old news. I will, as I'm sure many others have, share my (very brief) personal best dressed list with you!

1. Michelle Williams

I love everything this girl wears. but this Louis Vuitton dress kinda takes the cake. I love the fabric, love the texture, love the peplum, love the structured bodice. just love. she looked so demure and classic and simply beautiful, like an old Hollywood starlet. and I like that she chose a pretty, fresh colour in coral (it's not quite as red as it looks in photos).

2. Jessica Chastain

I love this woman. it is so sad that she didn't get an award this season, because she seriously had a breakthrough year with several great performances. but her Alexander McQueen dress was definitely a winner. it was so unique and intricate and the yellow diamond (wowza!) embroidery complimented her tone perfectly. she looked regal.

3. Emma Stone

people either loved or hated this Giambattista Valli dress, and at first I was torn. but I settled on love once I saw her on stage with that gorgeous flowing skirt and nipped-in waist. it's similar to a past Nicole Kidman Oscar gown, which some people thought was too copy-catish, but I like this one better and I think she looks fabulous. 

there you have it! did you watch the Oscars? how many guesses did you get right?

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