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...and we now return to our regularly scheduled programming!

I'm back in Scotland now and have officially declared the end of my holiday season. I guess it's pretty much over for everybody now anyways, but I've got a touch of the post-Christmas blues. especially since I had to leave all the amazing people I love after I was reminded again of how amazing they really are. does everyone feel this way after going home for the holidays?

I had a really hard time resigning myself to the fact that I had to come back. not because of any particular dislike for Scotland (although we aren't the best of friends) but because of how good I have/had it elsewhere. but I'm consoling myself with excess sleep and looking through the hundreds of photos I took over the course of my travels.

so even though Christmas is over, I get to relive it a little bit by forcing my belated memories onto you! isn't this a great relationship?

mcdonald's is better here. and with my favourite people. :)
our Christmas tree, with a disgusting display of western capitalism...
Christmas eve family picture (squirmy dog and all).
with mama, and me looking a little crazy (Christmas eve excitement!).
puppies and fresh haystack cookies!
Christmas morning! (got me some Margaret Atwood)
sisterly love.
dad reading the Christmas story + mom checking out here new photo album, all teary eyed. ;)
puppy love
Brando seemed to like his gift from me...
King family shot.
gifts from Scotland were in abundance.
sis with her gift from moi + my annual pic with the pooch!
the aftermath. like a ridiculously jolly war zone.
giant turkey timeee!
food prep aka turkey stealing + mama doing what she does best!
my usual contribution, the bread pudding.
the big event! Christmas dinner, grandparents included.
have you ever seen anything so beautiful?
extra Christmas crackers for dad and me.
a festive bunch enjoying mom's famous Christmas cookies!
old married couple Christmas #1!

I'm having fun reading through everyone's Christmas blog posts (I'm way behind). this was probably the best Christmas ever for me. even though Brando and I have been together almost five years (what? yikes) this was our first Christmas morning together. 

I also got spoiled with way too many awesome presents, which was undeniably fun as hell. and obviously getting to be with my family again was good every day, but on Christmas especially. 

ugh, I miss it already!! 

playing: ghost towns- first aid kit

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Kyla said...

1. These are great pictures.
2. That sweater is AMAZING!
3. You've made me miss Christmas.