you got your reasons

well I know I'm becoming quite the blog slacker, but I promise I have good excuses!
biggest one being, I'm not feeling well. sickness and working 9 hour days (yes, I'm a big baby, 9 hours is a lot) make me generally exhausted.

since I'm at a lack for new photos & creativity I thought I'd share you some of my favourite looks from other lovelies. some of the pictures are from older posts, but they're still fabulously pretty. I'm sure they will keep you inspired in my absence!

adore these two looks from girl in closet- tights & polka dots & smashing heels! 

delightfully tacky has a new hair style(!) but the same effortlessly cool style. & this autumn picture is one of my most favourite of hers; just stunning. 

keiko lynn is a genius with neutrals (and has perfect hair).

love the hats & boots Valentine busts out in winter months- and those colours are gorgeous!

kendi everyday is teaching me to love bright colours again! this outfit is fantastic.

some adorable Disney princess-inspired artwork found on pinterest (although I will gently point out that Anastasia is not Disney...) which one would you be? Pocahontas was always my favourite but I think I like Aurora's look the best!

and with that, I leave you to go indulge in some buckley's and an early bedtime. hope you all had a lovely weekend! 
playing: Brando on guitar


amberly said...

I HATE when people think Anastasia is Disney! It's clearly not! You can tell a difference in the animation :) I would gladly love to be Ariel or Mulan or even Snow White! That whole graphic is adorable!!

And I love the neutrals Keiko Lynn is sporting with black tights! Very inspiring!!

Get some rest, have Brando massage your feet and enjoy a good movie!!! Today I pulled out some old magazines and cut out color combos and outfits I liked, maybe that will help inspire you too?

Veronika Novotny said...

Aw, sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I just started getting a bit of a cold the other day too, boo. And thank you SO much for including me alongside such fabulous & inspiring ladies. xo veronika