I don't know how many of you have pinterest (or how many people are even reading this...hmm) but I'm kind of addicted. man, that site can eat up hours of your life. in the past couple days I've been especially keen on "pinning" inspirations for my dream home. I think it's my inner nesting instinct finally trying to get out; I've been smothering it through years of sub-par living conditions and tacky 70s-era apartments.

but I'm 24 (*cough cough*). I think it's about time I had a cute little place to decorate and make messy.

my dream bedroom must include: 
- a wrought iron or canopy bed
- lots of different patterns & textures
- footboard tables (preferably with a couch!)
- and eclectic, retro vibe!

I like rustic, airy kitchens with:
- fun colours
- lots of natural wood (twss)
- one of those oversized breadboard wooden tables
- an island!

dream living room requirements:
- fireplace!
- vintage-y furniture
- colourful accents
- interesting architecture, ie. ceiling beams, built-in shelves
- lots of natural light
- hipster artwork

it's interesting to find that you have a home decor style that's as specific as your personal style, but equally as hard to define in words. I find I'm drawn to a kind of "eclectic cottage" vibe; lots of light and texture, retro prints, wood, & pops of colour. I love ceiling beams and distressed furniture and brick/stone. kind of a cozy, shabby-chic. 

...better start planning now!
(and saving...)

all images found on pinterest. you can follow me, if you like, here

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amberly said...

I love Pinterest!! I haven't delved into collecting images of my dream house, I know I'm in no position or deserve my own place yet! But DAMN I would have to say I love love love your decor style and love everything you've included here! Exposed beams, a fireplace, eclectic color! Yes yes! Now following all your boards :)

By the way, have you been listening to more music like you wanted? Any good bands you'd like to pass along or have discovered?

Sarah K. said...


I've been working on the music thing for sure. so far the only new stuff I'm listening to is First Aid Kit and new Bon Iver. THERE IS TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF OUT THERE.