on another day

today was the first time in a long while I tried to take my own outfit pictures.
...now I remember why I started coaching Brandon to do them.

ugh. I started to get frustrated with people stopping to stare and not liking my poses and trying to get different angles... also I decided in the middle of the shoot that I felt fat today so I went to the mall and bought a lipstick.

day = fixed, pretty much.

sweater- topshop(gift) // high-waisted jeans- american apparel(gift) // scarf- gift // shoes- aldo

so anyways this is the offending outfit. when I left the house I really liked it... meh. I guess I should only wear pants on days I'm feeling really confident. 

but I love these pants! another wonderful Christmas gift. red jeans will definitely brighten any dreary Scottish day. I'll just have to wear them again someday soon and really do them justice. 

still, hopefully I can continue to coerce Brando into taking my photos. it's just so much easier. 
it's what good husbands are for. 

playing: little lion man- mumford & sons


Unknown said...

You look lovely and not the slightest bit fat! I know what you mean about the awkwardness of taking photos of yourself but I just say 'it's for a project' and they assume I'm a photography student, hehe. xx

amberly said...

That sweater is amazeballs and would look so cute over a dress too! And damn I need a pair of red pants!! So jealous yours are high waisted and everything!! They look great with your shoes as well!!

My boyfriend is suuuch a shitty photographer, that I kind of miss doing them myself. But yours turned out so much better than my own ever have!! You're good at this girl, don't be discouraged!! You've just been spoiled by Brando ;) And I'm all about rewarding yourself! Will you be sporting the new lipstick here shortly?!

And keep wearing pants!! And own it girl!! You pull it off and you should work what you've got!

Have a great weekend!!! Do you have to work? Does New Look sell fur hats? Let me know :)

Unknown said...

That sweater is fantastic! I love it with your fun red jeans!

brando said...

Amberly, you think me a better man than I am. I'm more or less an interactive tripod. Sarah coaches me through ever photo shoot.

Sarah K. said...

amberly- thanks! haha I will definitely be wearing my lipstick for photos soon- it's purple! so cool.

I did/do have to work all weekend... but I'm off on monday, so I'm excited for that! New Look did sell fur hats before Christmas but all the winter stuff in on sale now so I don't know what they have left. I haven't seen any at our store the past couple days! are you in need of a fur hat?

brando- yes but you are a very lovely tripod and I don't have to carry you around. :)