memory bliss

Christmas memories, round 2!

I'm trying not to overdo it with the friends-and-family posts, since this blog is technically a style/travel one. but it's also about MOI and I want a place other than facebook to keep memories.

so here are a few randoms in between the Christmas and Year's categories!

fam jam!
intense game of phase ten!
my winning hand, oh yes.
sisters regular + sisters deformed
annual picture with the uncle (+ 1 papa)
technicolour dance par-tay
old friends & good times
his one true love
me, Marsha, and the bacon flavoured toothpaste, out for sushi.
off to pick up my favourite from the airport!! YAY
together again, at last
why yes, this is my natural moustache, why do you ask?
some downtown St. John's shopping (I should explain the bacon toothpaste...naw.)
apparently my new thing is putting people in choke holds
it says Robert Downey Jr., fyi + Caitlin's hair is epic
we have a thing for card games...
...and PIZZA. genuine excitement.
a little sass on the kitchen floor with the best of 'em

gosh, I know the best people. 

playing: suffragette city- bowie

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amberly said...

All of these pictures look like such fun!! I want to insert myself in every moment and enjoy it with you! <3 Thank you for sharing, I love seeing your style out and about :)

P.S. Your family Christmas tree presents are AWESOME!!