I am a material girl

I don't know about you guys, but the month after Christmas makes me really wanna shop!

...okay, that really makes no sense. but it's mostly true! it's a horrible testament to commercialism and capitalist greed that despite all my awesome, beautiful presents I now have a post-Christmas wishlist. terrible, right?

but really, it's quite fun to make lists. even unnecessary, materialistic ones.

1. a simple, structured vintage dress in the perfect silhouette. 
2. a purple blazer. any will do, but velvet it preferable.
3. a navy plaid vintage dress.
4. go-with-everything Seychelles boots.
5. a lovely jewel toned midi-skirt to go with all my new sweaters!
6. this cute green Modcloth dress, covered in my fave flower.
7. a pretty floral skirt for springtime (I recently realized I don't have enough skirts in my life)

so those are my current wants. I'm being good, though, and not buying any of them! this is how I quell my addiction. thanks for being my outlet.


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