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while on vacation I did wear clothes. yes, it's true. I did not, however, photograph much of said clothes for your viewing pleasure. but I do have one of my special holiday outfits to share.

it's no secret I'm a big fan of velvet. lucky for me, just before I went home New Look got this cute little number in for an irresistible price! I also find it both comfy and flattering, making it perfect for your average rowdy evening out.

dress- new look // belt- american apparel // booties- forever21 // necklace- much love on etsy

December 23rd is known Tibb's Eve where I come from. where exactly that comes from I don't know, but people seem to like celebrating it. 

wait, I just looked it up. apparently it's a Newfoundland thing and is so titled "tipsy eve" because it's traditionally when all the drunken fun begins. 

no joke. 

ok, so this is what I wore for the annual Tibb's eve party. it's such a fun way to kick off the holidays! everybody hangs out together and then we go to a concert by a local band. it's always a blast and turns out a few good stories. 

now you know! so next year you can all celebrate your own Tibb's eve. mark your calendars. 
love love. 

playing: I want love- Elton John


Unknown said...

Your little velvet dress is adorable and looks great on you. I love the snowy scenery too. It just goes perfectly with the velvet!

Jen Hsieh said...

You look stunning in this velvet number! The color is absolutely gorgeous and it fits you like a dream. :) And I'll definitely be celebrating Tibb's Eve next Christmas!

amberly said...

Gorgeous!!!! And can every day be Tibb's Eve? :) I wish I could come and shop at the New Look you work at and you could style meee!!

Kim said...

You look beautiful! I love this!

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