you got your reasons

well I know I'm becoming quite the blog slacker, but I promise I have good excuses!
biggest one being, I'm not feeling well. sickness and working 9 hour days (yes, I'm a big baby, 9 hours is a lot) make me generally exhausted.

since I'm at a lack for new photos & creativity I thought I'd share you some of my favourite looks from other lovelies. some of the pictures are from older posts, but they're still fabulously pretty. I'm sure they will keep you inspired in my absence!

adore these two looks from girl in closet- tights & polka dots & smashing heels! 

delightfully tacky has a new hair style(!) but the same effortlessly cool style. & this autumn picture is one of my most favourite of hers; just stunning. 

keiko lynn is a genius with neutrals (and has perfect hair).

love the hats & boots Valentine busts out in winter months- and those colours are gorgeous!

kendi everyday is teaching me to love bright colours again! this outfit is fantastic.

some adorable Disney princess-inspired artwork found on pinterest (although I will gently point out that Anastasia is not Disney...) which one would you be? Pocahontas was always my favourite but I think I like Aurora's look the best!

and with that, I leave you to go indulge in some buckley's and an early bedtime. hope you all had a lovely weekend! 
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on another day

today was the first time in a long while I tried to take my own outfit pictures. I remember why I started coaching Brandon to do them.

ugh. I started to get frustrated with people stopping to stare and not liking my poses and trying to get different angles... also I decided in the middle of the shoot that I felt fat today so I went to the mall and bought a lipstick.

day = fixed, pretty much.

sweater- topshop(gift) // high-waisted jeans- american apparel(gift) // scarf- gift // shoes- aldo

so anyways this is the offending outfit. when I left the house I really liked it... meh. I guess I should only wear pants on days I'm feeling really confident. 

but I love these pants! another wonderful Christmas gift. red jeans will definitely brighten any dreary Scottish day. I'll just have to wear them again someday soon and really do them justice. 

still, hopefully I can continue to coerce Brando into taking my photos. it's just so much easier. 
it's what good husbands are for. 

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I don't know how many of you have pinterest (or how many people are even reading this...hmm) but I'm kind of addicted. man, that site can eat up hours of your life. in the past couple days I've been especially keen on "pinning" inspirations for my dream home. I think it's my inner nesting instinct finally trying to get out; I've been smothering it through years of sub-par living conditions and tacky 70s-era apartments.

but I'm 24 (*cough cough*). I think it's about time I had a cute little place to decorate and make messy.

my dream bedroom must include: 
- a wrought iron or canopy bed
- lots of different patterns & textures
- footboard tables (preferably with a couch!)
- and eclectic, retro vibe!

I like rustic, airy kitchens with:
- fun colours
- lots of natural wood (twss)
- one of those oversized breadboard wooden tables
- an island!

dream living room requirements:
- fireplace!
- vintage-y furniture
- colourful accents
- interesting architecture, ie. ceiling beams, built-in shelves
- lots of natural light
- hipster artwork

it's interesting to find that you have a home decor style that's as specific as your personal style, but equally as hard to define in words. I find I'm drawn to a kind of "eclectic cottage" vibe; lots of light and texture, retro prints, wood, & pops of colour. I love ceiling beams and distressed furniture and brick/stone. kind of a cozy, shabby-chic. 

...better start planning now!
(and saving...)

all images found on pinterest. you can follow me, if you like, here

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I am a material girl

I don't know about you guys, but the month after Christmas makes me really wanna shop!

...okay, that really makes no sense. but it's mostly true! it's a horrible testament to commercialism and capitalist greed that despite all my awesome, beautiful presents I now have a post-Christmas wishlist. terrible, right?

but really, it's quite fun to make lists. even unnecessary, materialistic ones.

1. a simple, structured vintage dress in the perfect silhouette. 
2. a purple blazer. any will do, but velvet it preferable.
3. a navy plaid vintage dress.
4. go-with-everything Seychelles boots.
5. a lovely jewel toned midi-skirt to go with all my new sweaters!
6. this cute green Modcloth dress, covered in my fave flower.
7. a pretty floral skirt for springtime (I recently realized I don't have enough skirts in my life)

so those are my current wants. I'm being good, though, and not buying any of them! this is how I quell my addiction. thanks for being my outlet.


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and I don't feel any different

since January is nearly over, I guess it's about time I did a new year's post. yeah, that seems about right.

new year's eve was pretty low key this year, but still very very fun! got together with good friends at a party, played boardgames which induced much drunken shouting, and safely(ish) set off some small fireworks at midnight. your typical small-town ringin' in.

me & Janet havin' a larf.
Brandon got to practice some physio, and Ev got a massage!
lovely faces on the boys.
party peoples // blurry friend love

there aren't many pictures for two reasons; one, almost all of them were blurry anyhow, and two, I don't see the need of plastering this blog with photos of people you don't know and whom I only get to see once a year, usually. seemed unnecessary and probably uninteresting pour vous. 

I guess this is where I'm supposed to make some resolutions to try and stick to in the coming year, but really I'm not all that good at seeing things through. not a great quality to have, but I'm a hummingbird. I just flit from one thing to the next without much sense of achievement. so I never make resolutions. 

I do, however, have a sort of 2012 bucket list. not really resolutions of things to finish or do, like lose weight or play guitar everyday or learn how to bake or something. just things I want to do in the next year that are things to look forward to, and things I can look back on and be glad this year meant something. 

maybe that's a resolution, I don't know. 

so (in no particular order) here's the list:
1. go to a new continent. before 2012 ends I want to have visited either Asia or South America or Australia. the goal is to go to six before, well, death. I've got three down. one this year will do.

2. read one book every month. it's kind of depressing that I'm making that my minimum. I used to read one novel a week. ironically English degrees can suck a love of literature right outta ya.

3. get published again. it probably won't look good to hand out portfolios with the most recent published article dated 2010. 

4. make a new friend. cheesy, but nice. just one new, good friend. so I can write down the process and remember it for next time.

5. start really listening to music again. I used to be obsessed with music. I know everyone says that, but lying on the couch, listening to my ipod and doing nothing else, for two hours was a daily activity for me. now I have so many albums I want to listen to that it overwhelms me and I just end up listening to all my old stuff again. musical reeducation starts now.

well, it's a short list. maybe I'll add to it as ideas come to me. but I'm already a month behind, so maybe I'd better focus on those five for now...

happy new year!

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can't stop

I'm in the midst of a captivating Doctor Who marathon, so my writing skills for this point are pretty much non-existant. as are my conversation skills, thus I shall get on with the photos.

dress- modcloth // tights- american apparel // boots- new look // belt- thrifted // necklace- gift 

this is one of several amazing dresses I got for Christmas. I've worn it three times already and it's definitely one of my new faves. and I'd love to say more but I am so completely engrossed in this episode that I stop typing every 30 seconds. so I think it's best I just give up and try again tomorrow. 


in love & time travel,

crush crush crush

while on vacation I did wear clothes. yes, it's true. I did not, however, photograph much of said clothes for your viewing pleasure. but I do have one of my special holiday outfits to share.

it's no secret I'm a big fan of velvet. lucky for me, just before I went home New Look got this cute little number in for an irresistible price! I also find it both comfy and flattering, making it perfect for your average rowdy evening out.

dress- new look // belt- american apparel // booties- forever21 // necklace- much love on etsy

December 23rd is known Tibb's Eve where I come from. where exactly that comes from I don't know, but people seem to like celebrating it. 

wait, I just looked it up. apparently it's a Newfoundland thing and is so titled "tipsy eve" because it's traditionally when all the drunken fun begins. 

no joke. 

ok, so this is what I wore for the annual Tibb's eve party. it's such a fun way to kick off the holidays! everybody hangs out together and then we go to a concert by a local band. it's always a blast and turns out a few good stories. 

now you know! so next year you can all celebrate your own Tibb's eve. mark your calendars. 
love love. 

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memory bliss

Christmas memories, round 2!

I'm trying not to overdo it with the friends-and-family posts, since this blog is technically a style/travel one. but it's also about MOI and I want a place other than facebook to keep memories.

so here are a few randoms in between the Christmas and Year's categories!

fam jam!
intense game of phase ten!
my winning hand, oh yes.
sisters regular + sisters deformed
annual picture with the uncle (+ 1 papa)
technicolour dance par-tay
old friends & good times
his one true love
me, Marsha, and the bacon flavoured toothpaste, out for sushi.
off to pick up my favourite from the airport!! YAY
together again, at last
why yes, this is my natural moustache, why do you ask?
some downtown St. John's shopping (I should explain the bacon toothpaste...naw.)
apparently my new thing is putting people in choke holds
it says Robert Downey Jr., fyi + Caitlin's hair is epic
we have a thing for card games...
...and PIZZA. genuine excitement.
a little sass on the kitchen floor with the best of 'em

gosh, I know the best people. 

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