a merry little Christmas

(so this post was originally intended for December 23rd, which has past... but I'm unsure of why it didn't show up here? so I'm posting it under the intended publishing date!)

church is over, all the wrapping's been done, and I'm headed out to Grand Falls for the annual Tibb's eve shindig. all that's left to do is post one last "hollywood holiday" inspiration in time for Christmas!

I watched Meet Me in St. Louis for the first time this year. I don't know why it took me so long. I've always heard it's a holiday classic, and that it made "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" famous. but I'd never seen it.

now that I have, I must say, it's absolutely delightful!

to be entirely honest, this film doesn't top my list of all-time Christmas favourites, but that doesn't mean it isn't iconic in many ways; it has Judy Garland, for goodness sakes. 

now I know what you're thinking. how can you put together a winter outfit inspired by characters in the 1900s? it's all frilly gowns and floor-length skirts. and that's true! but as Esther Smith, Judy Garland is a mixture of class and sass that is always in style. 
(see what I did there?)

(images via google)

to pull off a modern Esther look, try pairing bold stripes with dainty collars. add some turn-of-the-century flair with luxurious fabrics like lace or velvet. 

1. channel miss Esther in a prim collar & bright stripes. // modcloth
2. this spunky lady is never without a chic pair of gloves. // coach
3. folded booties are a staple with floor-sweeping gowns, or playful dresses. // modcloth
4. reference the iconic trolley scene in Esther's trademark accessory- lace! // asos

so you see, you can dress like a turn-of-the-century character without looking like you walked out of a Christmas card!
(I was going to say Dickens novel, but that was the 1800s... didn't people all dress the same before the 20s anyway?)
oh well. 

Merry freakin' Christmas!

playing: have yourself a merry little Christmas- Judy Garland

home for Christmas


for someone who is kind of obsessed with this holiday, there has been a serious lack of Christmasy things on this blog lately. unfortunately, it is because one of the great things about Christmas is that there's so much to do, and that leaves little time for displaying your holiday self to the internet...

also I have this horrible habit of choosing real-life friends and social interaction over sitting at my computer, editing photos and loathing myself.

we took these photos in Brando's hometown last week, and we're headed out there again on Christmas eve. it'll be my very first Christmas away from my family! I've managed to push it off this long, but it had to happen eventually. 
I don't know if you guys know this, but sometimes when you're married, you have to do something the other person wants. 
I know, no one told me either.

but seriously, it should be great fun. and maybe I'll feel a little more like a grown-up. and besides my sister is working on Christmas so the fam isn't doing the whole shebang till we get there at night, haha. that makes it easier. 

sweater- gift // jeans- h&m // scarf- gift // shoes- aldo

I seem to be drawn to "mint" clothing, lately. I was planning my Christmas outfits to pack and made a point to stop myself from bringing my mint green blazer, because it's the only colour I've been wearing on the blog lately! not that that's a huge factor in my outfit planning, I just thought I'd mix it up a little... keep it interesting for you folks.
and fyi, these jeans are more of a mint blue. so really, it's different. 
also, don't wear flats outside in the snow with no socks on. 

the next couple of days are BUSY BUSY! (as I'm sure they are for everyone.)
tomorrow it's church with the family, cookie-delivering, then driving out of town for the annual Tibb's Eve shindig with my friends.
then of course it's Christmas Eve!

holy crap, how did this happen so fast?
really people, you need to warn me when time starts flying!

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we'll take a cup of kindness yet

only FIVE DAYS till the BIG DAY.
I'm not even sure what to do with myself.

it's been a very busy couple of days, and if I'm being quite honest, a very awful couple of days, too. I mean, sure, this week had it's moments- visiting the best friends ever, seeing the best band ever- but mostly I've been extra-frustrated with a string of bad luck lasting, oh... about two years now.

BUT tis the season to be jolly, not whiny, so let's forget about all that!
...except the part where my camera is now semi-out of commission, you should remember that part. cause it explains why these are pictures from last week. :)

sweater- h&m // pants + bow- american apparel // coat- suzy shier // booties- new look

not the most creative photoshoot in the world, but it's the best I got under the circumstances. and besides, I got a cute bow, guys!
such a cute bow.
I do kinda love this outfit, so it's a shame it couldn't get better representation on this here bloggity-blog. and hey, check out my new coat! $20, you guys. $20. fur collars all up in here. I predict it shall be my Christmas eve coat.

thanks to those who commented on my previous post! I always appreciate a nice comment. and to those of you who read but did not comment...

naw, just kidding. you're cool too!
happy Christmas eve eve eve eve eve.

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I've been awaiting for you

this weekend Brando and myself journeyed to ye-olde Robert's Arm to spend a couple days with his family. in the hustle of the trip, my camera cord got left behind, and then our computer charger broke.
someone up there reeeeally doesn't want me to blog, lately.

but, Imma give it another shot! so here is another attempt at a post... even though blog traffic has been pretty much dead lately... so hey, if you're reading this and aren't my mom, drop me a line and let me know that I'm not putting in all this effort solely for narcissistic gratification.

I like dressing for winter. while footwear options can be limited (and frustrating) there's a lot of opportunity for layering and creativity. in the summer, a dress is its own outfit. in the winter- at least where I live- you will freeze if you do not expand upon your wardrobe choices. 

there are essentially two types of winter colour palettes. one with rich, bright colours that contrast with the snow and wintery grey skies; and one of pastels and cotton-candy knits that blend in more with the soft hues of nature. some people prefer one over the other, but I've always been partial to variety. 

so while some ladies would save a mint green dress and sheer tights for cool summer afternoons, I like to winterize as much of my wardrobe as I can. it's easier than you think. a chunky-knit cardi and a hat can go a long way.

and that's the story of how I keep my h&m garments working for me year-round!

in related news, we finally got some snow! it's actually snowing in these pictures, but not the big, fluffy kind of snow, the small, blow-across-your-face snow. the cold makes it increasingly harder to get outfit pictures without losing appendages or facing social criticism, but it's nice to have snow for Christmas. 

which is one week away, guys. 

how did this happen?
I feel like just yesterday I was boarding a plane to fly home to Canada in sweaty, Venice-drenched sundresses. my how time flies. 
...that sentence made me feel old. 

dress- h&m // hat- paris street vendor // tights + socks- american apparel // booties- new look

this is going to be a crazy week! more travelling tomorrow, followed by what I can only assume (and hope) will be a flurry of red wining & dining & merry-making and other such holiday hustle & bustle. 

I'll let you know how it goes. :)

peace & ♥!

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let them know it's Christmastime

today was a terrible day for humans. in a month where neighbourly love, kindness, and peace are supposed to be more attainable ideals, the last thing you expect to hear is that some sad, twisted person has purposely harmed innocent little ones. or anyone, for that matter, but children are what Christmas is all about; their joy, their faith, and the joy they bring their families. so for something so horrible to happen, especially this time of year, is is mark against humanity.
what happened in Connecticut is unspeakably sad, and I sincerely hope that somehow the families affected will find some peace in the holiday season. I don't know how, but I have to hope they will.

it seems trivial now to blog about pretty dresses or jolly movies, but I had this post planned... and I don't want to end today on an entirely somber note. I've been having a lovely week with my family and getting ever more excited for Christmas, and I hope you all are too. I still have things to be thankful for, things to look forward to, and reasons to be cheerful.

so I shall continue on with the seasonal merriment... with a movie we could all use a little more of, these days.

the most recently viewed of my favourite Christmas classics is Miracle on 34th Street. the old one. not that Mara Wilson isn't adorable, I just enjoy the old Hollywood aesthetic.

this movie has been dubbed a beloved holiday classic by many, so I'm sure if you haven't seen it, you at least know the plot. so I won't bore you with that. instead I'll bore you with why I love it; one, little Natalie Wood is adorable. two, it's chock-full of Christmas spirit. 
...that's pretty much all you need. 

and while you might think I'd focus the fashion portion of this post on the lovely Maureen O'Hara, I choose instead to pay homage to little miss Wood, as the delightful and stylish Susan Walker. 
(although Maureen as the mom is equally stunning.) they make quite a pair!

Susan is a little lady, and a chic-New-Yorker-in-training. she is always smartly dressed in prim and pretty dresses, perfectly accessorized with oxford shoes and snazzy hats. 

to get Susie's look, dress up a simple frock with expertly coordinated outerwear & accessories!

1. pick girly dress with sweet little details. // modcloth
2. Susan's oxfords look a little more grown up with heels. // ruche
3. a special topper is essential! // modcloth
4. add pattern and visual interest with festive plaid to keep you warm. // topshop
5. and of course, knee-high socks are part of a quintessential Susan outfit. // american apparel

maybe next year I'll get to watch the Macy's parade in my knee-high socks, like Susan. that really wouldn't suck.

happy 10 days till Christmas!
hug your families.

happy like an old-time movie

one of my favourite things about December is the abundance of Christmas movies on tv each night. every year I discover a new favourite, and they're all so joyful!

I thought I'd continue with my little "Hollywood Holiday" feature from last year, but a little different; I want to put together cute winter outfits inspired by my favourite Christmas movie starlets. it combines my three loves- movies, fashion, and Christmas!

first up is the classic holiday film The Shop Around the Corner. some people don't consider it a Christmas movie, but all the best parts happen at Christmas, so that's good enough for me.

if you haven't seen this movie, DO IT! it's wonderfully funny and adorably sweet, with just the right amount of seasonal cheer. it also happens to be the film You've Got Mail was based on, so you know it's going to be charming as heck. it's like Nora Ephron, but classier.

aaaand I have a giant time-traveller's crush on Jimmy Stewart.

however, he is not the focus of this particular post; it's his co-star, the lovely Margaret Sullivan. she lights up the screen as Clara Novak in charming hats and cozy furs, and don't forget the trademark jumper skirt!

(images via google search)

to get a sweet, feminine look like Clara's for Christmas, add a trendy twist to classic pieces; like sheer lace to a blouse, or Clara's favourite polka dots to ladylike mary janes.

1. a green lace blouse is festive and feminine, but still modern. // ruche
2. Clara loves her polka dot blouse! pay homage in your adorable footwear. // irregular choice
3. a pencil skirt jumper is retro without being cheesy. // modcloth
4. a prim topper is the perfect winter accessory, according to this shop girl! // urban outfitters
5. a (faux) fur jacket never goes out of style. // modcloth

so there you have it! holiday wardrobe inspiration from a "lovely, average girl."
now if you'll excuse me, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town is on television...

playing: Santa Claus is coming to town- Michael Buble

deck the halls with boughs of holly

fa la la la la, la laaa la laaaaaa!

guys, I'm such a December slacker! I'm loving all the Christmasy-ness right now, so I'm pretty caught up in holiday shopping, gift wrapping, and general merriment. not to mention I am sans computer once again, but that's not the point...
I hope you are all enjoy the holiday season!

the other day me and my very best lady friends had mini-Christmas before we started to go our separate ways for the holidays. we had fancy(ish) brunch at a cozy downtown restaurant, exchanged a couple gifts, then got our picture taken with Santa. obviously.

the gifts were actually just from Caitlin, because she's super on the ball and had all of our gifts ready, while the rest of us were a little less prepared! I got an urban decay eyeshadow palette and a fox mug. they're awesomeeee.

we ate brunch at the Gypsy Tea Room, and it was delicious! if you ever visit St. John's, you should definitely go for either lunch or brunch. dinner is probably amazing too (never had it there), but it's a little more pricey, and the menu isn't huge. BUT for brunch they have a create-your-own omelette choice, which is to die for. I'd recommend goat cheese, bacon, and spinach. yum.

and don't worry, I'll be sure to upload the picture with Santa as soon as I get mine back. have you noticed our matching outfits? maybe not because we are wearing coats, but trust me, they're wonderfully matchy-matchy! 

now I'm at my parents place again, and the rest of the week will be spent decorating our house and watching old Christmas movies... plus a Quidi Vidi beer here and there. Christmas is pretty great.

how do you guys kick off the holidays?

playing: last Christmas- wham!

mama, I love you

December is here! a little too quickly, but welcome all the same.

it's the month of Christmas, and only fitting it be kicked off with more Christmas-y things.
since I can't make egg nog lattes for each and every one of you, I decided to continue with the gift guide theme. this time, it's for the mamas in your life! not new mamas, now, or friends you have who may be mamas, but your mama. or your man's mama. or your bff's mama. because I for one am always hard pressed for ideas in that area.

so, here are some suggestions of little things to make that special lady smile on Christmas morning. all under $50, of course.

1. an art print, because moms like to surround themselves with pretty things, and they shouldn't have to buy all of it themselves! // golly bard
2. a bath & pretty smelly things gift set. I haven't met a mom yet who didn't need & want more relaxation time. bonus if you find hypo-allergenic lotions & such so that you're guaranteed she can use it. // lush
3. cute dishes, like these adorable (yet still useful!) retro milk glasses. moms like practicality, why not combine it with a little loveliness. // modcloth
4. a cookie jar, because even if a mom doesn't bake, she always has cookies around. think about it. you know I'm right. // urban outfitters
5. a fun pillow, like one of these whimsical little things, looks great on a bed or a couch. quirky designs make a sweet little conversation starter, so she will always remember that you gave it to her. // peanut butter dynamite & gingiber 
6. a dainty necklace that will remind her she's loved! simple, classic designs suit all tastes. // sd marie jewellery 
7. christmas ornaments, especially personalized or handmade ones. all mom's love something special to add to their tree, and while it may seem too "seasonal" or general, ornaments are thoughtful and always appreciated. // bragging bags
8. a cozy cardigan, because again, moms like practicality! who doesn't need something cozy for winter? // old navy
9. a cool chalk board calendar. a calendar that she can customize and use over and over again! this cool wall decal is chalk board vinyl that you can easily move or take down, and it comes with a "chalk ink" pen. fun, unique, and (you guessed it) practical! // simple shapes

there you go, folks! if you find a mama on your Christmas list who doesn't want any of those things, you are in quite the pickle my friend.
if all else fails, go with a gift card. 

happy shopping!

playing: have a holly jolly Christmas- Burl Ives

baby, it's cold outside

well, I guess that's it for November. 
this past month has flown by in a flurry of late-night movies and job interviews. I'm still hoping to make a few extra bucks for Christmas presents, but for now I'm happy enough hanging out with my friends and watching Quigley Down Under ever second night. 
in other news, it's officially winter and appropriately cold.

sweater- topshop // shirt- american apparel // jeans- roxy // boots- new look 

I think it's time to pack away the open-toed shoes and bring out the mittens. I was absolutely freezing while taking these pictures, and this is probably one of the warmer outfits I had available in my pink heart-patterned suitcase. this weather only encourages two things; my obsession with all things Christmas, and my obsession with buying sweaters. 

oh yeah, and I got bangs again.
I got tired of the shape of my forehead. 

that about covers it. 
happy December!

playing: let it snow- Michael Buble