what about breakfast at Tiffany's?

I went to my first holiday party this weekend! sunday was the staff Christmas night out at New Look. everyone went out for a little food and drinks. it was pretty jolly, and since the holiday festivities are in full swing, here's another outfit inspiration from one of Hollywood's leading ladies.

probably the style icon you were all expecting, up next it's Audrey Hepburn! one of my personal favourites, and one of the most iconic of them all.

while she's most certainly best known for that slinky black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's, Audrey was constantly a vision of style and loveliness. she single-handedly changed Hollywood's pin-hole view of beauty as being just the sexy bombshell type. she was a slender, doe-eyed pixie, often described and the polar opposite of fellow starlet Marilyn Monroe.

Aundrey's style is the epitome of classic glamour. sleek, elegant, feminine, and just a little playful, she wowed in everything from Givenchy ball gowns to cigarette jeans. she was all about the silhouette. Audrey often choose straight, modest necklines that emphasized the neck and shoulders, and full, flowy skirts. this was to show off her svelte figure and add drama at the same time. she was understated yet quirky, and liked sweet prints in sophisticated cuts.

Audrey was always stunning, no matter what she wore. she had so many famous, iconic looks that it is impossible to think of Audrey and not see exactly what she is wearing. she embodied true Hollywood glamour, and carried it off with effortless grace and humility. a leading lady indeed. 

instead of simply picking a string of black, Breakfast-at-Tiffany's dresses, I thought I'd draw from Audrey's more fun wardrobe for party inspiration. 

up the glam with minimal, but bold accessories- especially a statement necklace

I think dressing like Audrey Hepburn every day should be a personal aspiration of just about everyone. the world would be a better looking place. 

I'm sorry I've been a posting slacker. I really had planned updates for almost every day in December- cause let's be real, it's the greatest month ever-  but things have been much busier than I expected! Brando and me are taking off for London on thursday to do our Christmas shopping and enjoy Christmastime in the city. I'm pretty freakin' excited. AND this time we're staying in a real hotel, which means internet, which means you will be blessed with an abundance of holiday-themed photos while we're away. so there's something too look forward to! 

now if you'll excuse me, I have some packing + planning to do. later!

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amberly said...

I've really enjoyed your writing and styling of these type of posts!! So well done, and well researched! (or just damn good knowledge of such classes ladies!) Audrey is such a classic beauty, I loved how she rocked anything from cocktail dress to skinny pants!

Safe travels to London this week, dear!! Packing is always the hardest part, I just spent two hours planning outfits for my trip to NYC next week... Put on some good music, grab a beer, and play dress up! :)