season's greetings

it's always a little sad when Christmas is over. and it happened far too quickly this year. luckily I still have tons of photos to go through and lots of potential Christmas blog posts to make! including one on the last couple days of our London trip.

the markets were so much fun! even permanent ones, like the Portabello Road market (my personal fave for the fascinating antiques section) exuded holiday cheer. I picked up some antique trinkets to make necklaces for my friends. Camden market was crazy as usual, and I found a great vintage shop and handmade jewellery stands to pick up a couple gifts- for others and myself! 

if we ever lived in London I know I'd spend so much time at the markets. 

of course we had to visit the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. we didn't have much need of the Christmas market by then, but it was fun to look around. and we got poffertjes!! little Dutch pancakes with powdered sugar and butter. the most delicious things. 

we didn't get to see Santa, though. he kept eluding us the whole trip. crafty fellow.

when it got colder (and we started to run short on money!) we visited the Victoria & Albert museum. I hadn't been there for a few years anyways, and it was free! I'd definitely recommend it if you're visiting London. it's a museum of art and design, so it's filled with beautiful furniture and old clothes. lots of lovely things. 

London was a great way to kick off Christmas. and it was a wonderful Christmas! I'll definitely be sharing more of it here. but for now I'm moving on to New Year's festivities! 

have a good one.

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amberly said...

This looks like so much!! Reminds me a lot of the hustle and bustle in New York City, where I was for Christmas! So many markets, crowds, and money to be spent! But I, like you, refrained :( I didn't see Santa either now that I think about it....I'm sad too that Christmas is over...

But cheers to a happy new year! Can't wait to see more adventures ahead! <3