Doctor, Doctor

so by any chance, do any of you bloggers love Doctor Who?
cause I sure freaking do.

it has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but it is certainly worth mentioning.
(I just watched like a million episodes in a row.)
start watching it. you will get to make so many cool references that only fellow whovians will understand. it's like being in a club.

dress (as skirt)+ belt- gift // sweater- topshop // tights- american apparel // boots- seychelles

you may recognize this sweater from my Christmas wishlist (probably not, though).
a while after making my list I was browsing Topshop, and it was on mega-sale! 10 quid. of course I had to treat myself. I cannot resist a cute peter pan collar these days.

tomorrow's another extra-early rise for work, so I suppose that makes it bedtime for me. just one more week till I get to fully immerse myself in Christmasy goodness. if only I had a TARDIS and could just skip on ahead to the good part...

see, if you were whovians you'd get that.

playing: holly jolly Christmas- the format


Legwear Fashion said...

Really cute outfit!

Unknown said...

The yellow and pink colors in this outfit look so nice together. Very cute