Christmastime in the city

hey everybody!

so as you might have guessed there was a slight change of plans in the whole "posting from London" idea. basically internet at the hotel turned out to be painfully slow (as most public connections are) and not necessarily free.

so hubs and I are back in Aberdeen, frantically preparing to fly back to Canada tomorrow! I'm so excited I could burst, while I'm not exactly looking forward to the 17 hour trip... my deportation story has kind of left me scarred when it comes to long-range air travel.

in the meantime, I do have some cheery photos from our quick London vacation to share with you!

all these were taken on friday,which was a lovely and busy day. first we went to Covent Garden to check out the market and get a sugar rush. then it was off to the South bank Christmas market, which was very festive indeed. we're big market fans, Brando and I. 

we hit up the famous Harrod's department store (where we could not get in to see Santa without buying tickets and facing stares of judgement) before going to The Nutcracker. I usually see The Nutcracker in St. John's every year, but the English National Ballet was a fine substitute. 

hopefully the internet in the airports tomorrow won't be too horrendous, so I can post pictures from the rest of the trip. to be honest, there weren't a lot of photo ops since we mostly browsed markets and just walked around in lieu of the usual sightseeing. but it really put me in the Christmas spirit! 

happy holidays everyone! see you on the flip side (of the ocean...)

playing: all alone on Christmas- Home Alone 2 soundtrack

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