c'est la vie

it snowed here in Aberdeen today. it wasn't the softly falling, nice-to-walk-in snow, but there it was, nonetheless. it's getting more wintery every day.

the cold is making it increasingly challenging to dress for outfit pictures. I don't really want to wander around alone in the bad weather then set up my tripod, remove all my outerwear, and stand freezing while people stare at me like I'm an idiot. not appealing.

but I'm hoping I'll come up with a solution soon. and for those of you who might be having more specific wardrobe issues, I have some more party wear ideas!

I thought I'd share a little inspiration from French hottie Brigitte Bardot. she was such a spirited beauty, and her look inspired modern-day fashion mavericks like Kate Moss and Georgia Jagger. also, she had great hair.

Brigitte Bardot was the coquette of the silver screen- and I don't mean just because she was French. she was Hollywood sex kitten mixed with European-farmer's-daughter. sweet and sexy at the same time, with her famous tousled mane and coy smile. 

Brigitte was best known for what little clothes she wore; she was known as "the bikini girl" and had no problems posing or appearing in the nude. but when she was dressed, she knew how to enhance her Lolita-esque persona with the clothing to match.

Brigitte knew what she liked and stuck with it. the Bardot neckline- wide, off-the-shoulder- was named for her, and she single-handedly made gingham chic with her pink checked wedding dress. the important things to remember when dressing like Brigitte are waist-cinching belts, cutesy patterns, and just enough bare skin. 

Brigitte's style matched her personality; playful, provincial, and eclectic. she was equal parts girly and sensual. but the most important thing you'll need to pull off her signature look is that feisty attitude!

Brigitte's look was more about the "French riviera" than "Hollywood bash", so many dresses one might choose to emulate her might not necessarily be season appropriate. not to fear; just throw on a trendy fur stole and some dark tights, and even florals can work at your holiday soiree!

things to remember about Brigitte style; minimal accessories, and flats whenever possible!

doesn't this totally make you want to be a French girl?
just me then.


playing: let it snow- Michael Buble

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