tis the season...

I am officially 30 days away from the pure joy of going home for the holidays.

most people I interact with on a daily basis are annoyed, even off-put, by the recent appearance of Christmas music and decorations in public places. they are in fact quite vocal about their beliefs that Christmas should start no earlier than two weeks prior to the actual day (specific dates varied from person to person). I, however, find this stance both bubble-bursting and grinchy. I fully support the injection of cheer and anticipation into the mundane and increasingly dreary month of November.  I feel there is nothing wrong with looking forward to a season of festive parties and gorging on cookies.

and for those who prefer to spend late autumn in a stupor of colourlessness and repetition, I am sorry you have no soul.

unfortunately Aberdeen's weather has not caught up to my feelings on the subject of seasons, so while fall colours seem to be slipping away crispness and snow has yet to arrive. it's almost that awkward, in-between time when the leaves turn yucky brown and the trees look like the haunted forest trees from the Hobbit. 

but the park will never lose it's charm as long as it has an abundance of puppies chasing tennis balls.

park outings are all hubs and I have time for lately... not because of our hectic and exciting lives, but because it starts getting dark at 3. I'm less motivated to wander more than two feet from my couch when it's dark outside and everything closes at 5 anyways. 

oh November, please be over soon. 

dress- vintage // tights- we love colors // boots- second hand forever 21 // belt- rw&co // circle scarf- pseudio // carousel earrings- Dublin craft market

I really wish I had a job where I could wear whatever I wanted. I think people really take that for granted, haha. honestly, the thing I miss most about school (other than feeling like I had some purpose in life) is getting to choose an outfit every day and wearing heels. it's hard deciding what to wear on my days off cause my closet looks so sad!

so that's my new dream. to have a job that does not involve me dressing entirely in one store's clothes. I think that's pretty attainable. 

well, hope you're all enjoying November and your varied outfits. time to get back to my Gilmore Girls and chip's challenge. peace out. 

playing: blindsided- bon iver 


Drew said...

I get much too excited for christmas to wait around until December! I broke out the christmas music last week :) What a lovely outfit! your blog is wonderful too, so cheery!

amberly said...

Your love for Christmas always get me just as giddy! I love love love that blue with your tights and scarf! And ooooh the earrings!

Stay warm and comfy love and here's hoping the next month (now less!) will go quickly! <3