these boots

sorry for my absence here the last few days! I promise I have a very good excuse. hubs and myself experience a little bout of bad luck, which I shall explain in this post, and attribute to what I have now dubbed my "bad luck boots."

first off, we decided to make the long trek to the beach on our mutual day off. it was a crisp, clear afternoon and we had nothing to do, so I thought the best option was to pay a visit to the ocean. 

the bad luck began when, after a 45 minute walk, the very second our feet touched the sand- I kid you not- it started to rain. we grabbed some quick photos (yes it is raining in these) before it started to pour then took shelter in asda looking at Christmas decorations. 

but that's not the bad part. 

the bad part came when we arrived at our door, wet and cold and hungry, and dear husband announced that he did not, in fact, have the keys as he told me he did. so we were locked out. which may sound like a relatively simple problem, except that we couldn't get hold of our landlord and a locksmith costs upwards of 100 quid (that's about $160). 

to save you the boring details, we wound up sleeping on a friend's couch that night and had to pay 50 quid to get in anyways because our landlord has no spare key. ouch. 

AND I had to work really early the next morning so it has been an exhausting/slightly stressful week, to say the least.  

skirt- ruche // sweater, leggings, + hat- new look // gloves- posie row // boots- spring

what does this have to do with bad luck boots, you ask? 

well. obviously I was wearing them when this little incident happened. the last time I wore them for an extended period of time? I spent 9 hours in an airport security room and got deported from a country two days after my wedding. 

these boots already carry bad memories. if next time I wear them I get fired or someone dies or Eric Bana makes another movie... it will be official. 

and since this all ties in, tune in tomorrow to hear the famous deportation story! that's right folks, one night only...

so that's that, and I am back, and hopefully the coming week will go a little more smoothly. I have a lot planned for the blog! lots to catch up on, and lots of excitement coming up in December! I can't believe November is almost over already. 

hope you're all having a great weekend! 

playing: you & I- lady gaga

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