she's a lady

things have been so crazy recently that I've neglected my "hollywood holiday" idea! I shall remedy this right now.

lately I've been kind of obsessed with Jackie O's style. it kind of started with the "J" themed party I went to last week, when I thought it would be fun to go as her. then I realized with dismay that I actually don't own any Jackie-esque dresses! ever since then I've been pining over a sleek 60s silhouette and mod mini dresses.

she's not technically "Hollywood," but she's been featured in enough films and on camera enough that I think it's ok to include the first lady in this little series.

Jackie O (who at the time of most of these photos was actually Jackie K, but we'll go with it) had an iconic style. there are few people who wouldn't recognize her likeness in a smart skirt suit and those big sunglasses. she may not have been a Hollywood starlet, but she dressed- and was admired- like one. 

qualities that encapsulate Jackie's iconic look are modern, clean-cut, and elegant. she is famous for her structured outfits, from crisp white frocks to tailored jackets. ever the classy lady, Jackie's dresses were modest and understated. no spaghetti straps and poofy skirts here. instead, high necklines, like scoop or boatneck, paired with pencil and tulip skirts were key. add pretty details like bows and pillbox hats to soften the look. 

Jackie was certainly the first lady of 60s dresses. she brought style and class to the dreary world of politics, and her loveliness was only enhanced by her impeccable taste. 

here are some ways to emulate Jackie's star style! 

add a cropped swing coat, a pillbox hat, and white accessories for the picturesque Jackie look!

oh, and make sure to curl your hair- in the 60s, bigger is better! 

now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to pine over the many glorious Etsy dresses on my ever-growing vintage wish list...

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amberly said...

I wore a 60's inspired dress to a friend's wedding recently, such class and sass at the same time!! :) And Miss O could do no wrong...
You would look darling in that pink polka dot number from Modcloth!! ♥