party rock

it's a little late for a weekend recap, but that's what I'm about to do!

I've worked something like six weekends straight now, so I don't really do much going out or adventuring. but this past friday was our friend Julia's birthday and she was throwing a J-themed party, so of course I just had to get costumed up and make an appearance.

may I present, Johnny Cash & June Carter. (it was the only "J" idea I could make with things I already owned!)
a jock, and the birthday girl! 
party people...
birthday girl went marker-crazy & gave us all love notes on our skin. // jigsaw puzzle!
"johnnies" haha... 
Jim the gym instructor with Johnny // writing notes to the birthday lady
a few girls made these hilarious "Julia" masks and went as her! 

the evening was cut short since I had to work early the next morning, but it was a fun party. I love costume parties, they're the best! any excuse to dress as June Carter.

hope your week is off to a great start!

playing: Jackson- June Carter + Johnny Cash

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