just like Grace Kelly

lately one of my hobbies is to troll the internet- pinterest, specifically- for captivating photos of old Hollywood stars. the men for their charm and class, the women for their mesmerizing good looks! I'm just so inspired by the classic starlet, with her poise and polish and impeccable style.

I wanted to find a way to talk more about film on this blog, because it really is one of my passions and I'd love to share more thoughts on movies and the like. it's a big part of my life, and I love to write about it. so for starters, I'm going to share a little holiday inspiration, Hollywood style.

ohh, I could call it "Hollywood Holidays." catchy!

I'll name one of my favourite classic movie stars, talk about what makes (made?) their style unique, and share some ideas of how you can reinvent their style for your holiday party.

up first is a lady who I am agonizingly envious of for her innate ladylike-ness; true beaut Grace Kelly.

just the name "Grace Kelly" is synonymous with beauty and elegance. there's not a woman on earth who doesn't die a little inside when looking at that gorgeous face (come on now). but beyond being so darn naturally gifted in the looks department, she was a perfect picture of taste and star style.

key words when emanating Grace Kelly style are sophisticated, demure, and feminine. she was known for wearing light, airy fabrics, like chiffon, silk, and tulle. dresses emphasized her tiny waist and shoulders, so strapless, off-the-shoulder necklines, and spaghetti straps are encouraged. her look was simple, clean, and modest, but stunning at the same time.

whatever she wore you could rest assured Grace Kelly always looked like the Princess she was; enchanting. she was effortlessly classy and endlessly sophisticated. perfectly suited to her name, she was the epitome of grace.

if you want to channel Princess Grace at your holiday soiree, here are a couple ways to do it!

1. modcloth // 2. The Vintage Studio // 3. modcloth // 4. Etsy (accidentally lost the link! sorry)
a lightweight cape, tasteful shoes, gloves & pearls (of course) are necessities.

now go listen to Mika and pick out your party outfit. 
love love.

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