I've got a feeling...

October went by far too fast. I plan on savouring November while it still counts as autumn, so I've been playing in the leaves a lot more. well, mostly just kicking them as I walk by. but I always giggle a little, so that constitutes playing.

playing, frolicking, general merriment.

dress- modcloth // tights- american apparel // belt- from another dress // shoes- forever 21

this dress isn't necessarily made for frolicking in the park, but it's comfy and never fails to make me feel pretty; two qualities that are essential in making one feel like a woodland fairy princess. which is basically how I always want to be.

it's not really warm enough anymore to be traipsing around in short sleeves. I was more appropriately dressed in the photo below, when which is a more accurate depiction of what I wear when I'm outside. 
cold weather always brings more outfit photo challenges. that, and it starts to get dark here at 4. these pictures were taken as the sun was going down- around 3 in the afternoon. yikes. 

it's getting to be that time of year when time is best spent curled up under a blanket on the couch, and hot chocolate is a necessity. with little marshmallows. sometimes the ever-shortening days are a little sad, but often I find them comforting. sleepy and cozy and cookie-encouraging. like I'm preparing for winter hibernation or something.

I feel like November is going to be a good month. 

playing: easy living- Billie Holiday


amberly said...

I love your hair!! And the first picture, just add some wings and you are a fairy princess!! And dayum purple and red look awesome together!! Enjoy the leaves, beautiful! And plenty of tea and good movies! <3

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

my goodness, you look stunning! I love love love that dress and how you paired it with those pretty tights =) You gotst me all inspired ^^ x

Sarah Et Paris said...

such beautiful shots! the scenery along with your outfit so feminine and fairy tale like. The trees reminds me of one of danny roberts illustrations.
awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

nice post