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happy halloween!

so if you caught my previous post with the clues, you might have/probably guessed that this year I was an Avatar. well, technically I was a Na-vi, but I don't want to sound like a complete dork.

I was having trouble coming up with an affordable costume idea, and my friend Ciara asked if I wanted to be an Avatar character with her. I freaking love that movie, so of course I accepted the challenge. a couple jars of body paint and one trip to Primark later, and this is what I came up with!

these things always end up looking better in your head... but after 3+ hours of braiding my own hair and painting myself blue with tiny sponges I wasn't exactly patient enough to do detailed makeup work. 

hubs and I went to a Halloween party at a friend's house, which was hella fun. and there were some great costumes! absolutely everyone was dressed up. a few were kind of Britain-specific so you may have to google some names if you're really that curious. 

my camera died pretty early on in the evening, but I still snagged a few top snaps!

my Avatar buddy, Ciara (who obviously was a little more patient with her makeup application...)
Kaitlin as Medusa, Brandon as Frankie Cocozza, and Julia as Wally (what the British call Waldo). there were more than a few photos with this Where's Wally theme, and I find them hilarious. 
the Dude abides.
Phillip (Donncha) and Terrence (Ian) from South Park
a witch (Cheryl), the dude (Niall), and an Avatar. where's Wally? (this Wally is Kelly!)
Helen and Sarah as Jedward 
a shark attack(Duncan), rag doll (Nicki), loofa (Zoe haha), and a pirate (Grace)!
several cool cats and one British costume I don't even know (Donncha's bro)... also, where's Wally??
Frankie and Edward Ciderhands; HIMYM reference, anyone? (Tighearnach. yeah that's his name. try and pronounce that, North Americans.)
me and the lovely boys from Dragon Ball Z (Amon) and Jersey Shore (Billy) 

it was great fun. can't wait to see everyone else's costumes once we all recover from the craziness of Halloweekend. (yes, I coined that. did I? maybe not. I could have though.)

thanks October, it's been a slice. 

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amberly said...

I've been keeping this post in my BlogLovin' queue forever because I love it so much! You look AMAZING AND AWESOME! Your costume is totally badass, and you are beautiful, even blue!! I told my boyfriend we're going to go as Avatars next Halloween :) I don't know if I could even look half as good as you do - awesome job, girl!! It looks like you had a lot of fun! Wish I could get all the insider costumes right, but this is such a cool glimpse into Halloween overseas!

Love it. A++++++ all the way, Sarah! Or should I say, Na-vi... <3