black & yellow black & yellow

I found a new outfit for my yellow shoes. I am quite pleased. :)

I got this romper when I went to Calgary to submit my visa application. that's as in, entry visa to the UK, not visa credit card. you'd be surprised how many people are confused by that. anywho, I thought the romper was quite kitschy cute, and even though it hasn't been featured on this blog yet, I have worn it several times. it was one of my featured outfits when I got deported and lived out of one suitcase for a few weeks. 

did I ever tell you my getting deported story? hmm. maybe I will sometime. in retrospect it's rather funny. in a sitcom episode type way, not a laugh out loud sort of way. 

romper- forever21 // lace bodysuit + tights- american apparel // shoes- ebay

I'm sure it's clear by now that I go through phases of what colour combinations I really like. a while ago it was pastels. I was very into an Alice-in-Wonderland aura. then it was jewel tones and rich colours. recently I have been very into purple. now I'm moving into a "black & white and one other colour" phase, like a mod sixties look. I don't know what triggers these things.  

we shall see where this new phase takes us. 

playing: Michael McIntyre dvd!


Unknown said...

What a fun black and white (and yellow) outfit! The romper is adorable and your tights are really cool.

amberly said...

I love your hair!! How do you do it, girl!?

The pop of yellow on your toes is perfect, and I'm totally loving all of your phases!

And yes, yes, can't wait for the deported story :)

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Your outfit is such a dream! <3 I am truly obsessing over your beehive, and I love love love the print of your playsuit!

Lost in the Haze

Aya Smith said...

The patterns!! AMAZING, you look gorgeous :)

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

Suze said...

This is life changingly gorgeous