she's a lady

things have been so crazy recently that I've neglected my "hollywood holiday" idea! I shall remedy this right now.

lately I've been kind of obsessed with Jackie O's style. it kind of started with the "J" themed party I went to last week, when I thought it would be fun to go as her. then I realized with dismay that I actually don't own any Jackie-esque dresses! ever since then I've been pining over a sleek 60s silhouette and mod mini dresses.

she's not technically "Hollywood," but she's been featured in enough films and on camera enough that I think it's ok to include the first lady in this little series.

Jackie O (who at the time of most of these photos was actually Jackie K, but we'll go with it) had an iconic style. there are few people who wouldn't recognize her likeness in a smart skirt suit and those big sunglasses. she may not have been a Hollywood starlet, but she dressed- and was admired- like one. 

qualities that encapsulate Jackie's iconic look are modern, clean-cut, and elegant. she is famous for her structured outfits, from crisp white frocks to tailored jackets. ever the classy lady, Jackie's dresses were modest and understated. no spaghetti straps and poofy skirts here. instead, high necklines, like scoop or boatneck, paired with pencil and tulip skirts were key. add pretty details like bows and pillbox hats to soften the look. 

Jackie was certainly the first lady of 60s dresses. she brought style and class to the dreary world of politics, and her loveliness was only enhanced by her impeccable taste. 

here are some ways to emulate Jackie's star style! 

add a cropped swing coat, a pillbox hat, and white accessories for the picturesque Jackie look!

oh, and make sure to curl your hair- in the 60s, bigger is better! 

now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to pine over the many glorious Etsy dresses on my ever-growing vintage wish list...

a long time comin'

despite a recent bout of bad luck, November has been good to me. it's flown by in a flurry of lazy evenings and plan-making and Christmas shopping, and now it's almost over! December is creeping up, and I'm ready to greet it with anticipation and a fresh dose of holiday spirit.

these boots, thank goodness, are not bad luck. I'll stick to the good kind from now on, just in case.

dress + cardigan- forever 21 // tights- h&m // boots- seychelles

well, today I promised to tell you the deportation story. I'm realizing now that it's a little depressing, very long, and not all that interesting after all, but a promise is a promise. so here goes. 

these boots

sorry for my absence here the last few days! I promise I have a very good excuse. hubs and myself experience a little bout of bad luck, which I shall explain in this post, and attribute to what I have now dubbed my "bad luck boots."

first off, we decided to make the long trek to the beach on our mutual day off. it was a crisp, clear afternoon and we had nothing to do, so I thought the best option was to pay a visit to the ocean. 

the bad luck began when, after a 45 minute walk, the very second our feet touched the sand- I kid you not- it started to rain. we grabbed some quick photos (yes it is raining in these) before it started to pour then took shelter in asda looking at Christmas decorations. 

but that's not the bad part. 

the bad part came when we arrived at our door, wet and cold and hungry, and dear husband announced that he did not, in fact, have the keys as he told me he did. so we were locked out. which may sound like a relatively simple problem, except that we couldn't get hold of our landlord and a locksmith costs upwards of 100 quid (that's about $160). 

to save you the boring details, we wound up sleeping on a friend's couch that night and had to pay 50 quid to get in anyways because our landlord has no spare key. ouch. 

AND I had to work really early the next morning so it has been an exhausting/slightly stressful week, to say the least.  

skirt- ruche // sweater, leggings, + hat- new look // gloves- posie row // boots- spring

what does this have to do with bad luck boots, you ask? 

well. obviously I was wearing them when this little incident happened. the last time I wore them for an extended period of time? I spent 9 hours in an airport security room and got deported from a country two days after my wedding. 

these boots already carry bad memories. if next time I wear them I get fired or someone dies or Eric Bana makes another movie... it will be official. 

and since this all ties in, tune in tomorrow to hear the famous deportation story! that's right folks, one night only...

so that's that, and I am back, and hopefully the coming week will go a little more smoothly. I have a lot planned for the blog! lots to catch up on, and lots of excitement coming up in December! I can't believe November is almost over already. 

hope you're all having a great weekend! 

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party rock

it's a little late for a weekend recap, but that's what I'm about to do!

I've worked something like six weekends straight now, so I don't really do much going out or adventuring. but this past friday was our friend Julia's birthday and she was throwing a J-themed party, so of course I just had to get costumed up and make an appearance.

may I present, Johnny Cash & June Carter. (it was the only "J" idea I could make with things I already owned!)
a jock, and the birthday girl! 
party people...
birthday girl went marker-crazy & gave us all love notes on our skin. // jigsaw puzzle!
"johnnies" haha... 
Jim the gym instructor with Johnny // writing notes to the birthday lady
a few girls made these hilarious "Julia" masks and went as her! 

the evening was cut short since I had to work early the next morning, but it was a fun party. I love costume parties, they're the best! any excuse to dress as June Carter.

hope your week is off to a great start!

playing: Jackson- June Carter + Johnny Cash

tis the season...

I am officially 30 days away from the pure joy of going home for the holidays.

most people I interact with on a daily basis are annoyed, even off-put, by the recent appearance of Christmas music and decorations in public places. they are in fact quite vocal about their beliefs that Christmas should start no earlier than two weeks prior to the actual day (specific dates varied from person to person). I, however, find this stance both bubble-bursting and grinchy. I fully support the injection of cheer and anticipation into the mundane and increasingly dreary month of November.  I feel there is nothing wrong with looking forward to a season of festive parties and gorging on cookies.

and for those who prefer to spend late autumn in a stupor of colourlessness and repetition, I am sorry you have no soul.

unfortunately Aberdeen's weather has not caught up to my feelings on the subject of seasons, so while fall colours seem to be slipping away crispness and snow has yet to arrive. it's almost that awkward, in-between time when the leaves turn yucky brown and the trees look like the haunted forest trees from the Hobbit. 

but the park will never lose it's charm as long as it has an abundance of puppies chasing tennis balls.

park outings are all hubs and I have time for lately... not because of our hectic and exciting lives, but because it starts getting dark at 3. I'm less motivated to wander more than two feet from my couch when it's dark outside and everything closes at 5 anyways. 

oh November, please be over soon. 

dress- vintage // tights- we love colors // boots- second hand forever 21 // belt- rw&co // circle scarf- pseudio // carousel earrings- Dublin craft market

I really wish I had a job where I could wear whatever I wanted. I think people really take that for granted, haha. honestly, the thing I miss most about school (other than feeling like I had some purpose in life) is getting to choose an outfit every day and wearing heels. it's hard deciding what to wear on my days off cause my closet looks so sad!

so that's my new dream. to have a job that does not involve me dressing entirely in one store's clothes. I think that's pretty attainable. 

well, hope you're all enjoying November and your varied outfits. time to get back to my Gilmore Girls and chip's challenge. peace out. 

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just like Grace Kelly

lately one of my hobbies is to troll the internet- pinterest, specifically- for captivating photos of old Hollywood stars. the men for their charm and class, the women for their mesmerizing good looks! I'm just so inspired by the classic starlet, with her poise and polish and impeccable style.

I wanted to find a way to talk more about film on this blog, because it really is one of my passions and I'd love to share more thoughts on movies and the like. it's a big part of my life, and I love to write about it. so for starters, I'm going to share a little holiday inspiration, Hollywood style.

ohh, I could call it "Hollywood Holidays." catchy!

I'll name one of my favourite classic movie stars, talk about what makes (made?) their style unique, and share some ideas of how you can reinvent their style for your holiday party.

up first is a lady who I am agonizingly envious of for her innate ladylike-ness; true beaut Grace Kelly.

just the name "Grace Kelly" is synonymous with beauty and elegance. there's not a woman on earth who doesn't die a little inside when looking at that gorgeous face (come on now). but beyond being so darn naturally gifted in the looks department, she was a perfect picture of taste and star style.

key words when emanating Grace Kelly style are sophisticated, demure, and feminine. she was known for wearing light, airy fabrics, like chiffon, silk, and tulle. dresses emphasized her tiny waist and shoulders, so strapless, off-the-shoulder necklines, and spaghetti straps are encouraged. her look was simple, clean, and modest, but stunning at the same time.

whatever she wore you could rest assured Grace Kelly always looked like the Princess she was; enchanting. she was effortlessly classy and endlessly sophisticated. perfectly suited to her name, she was the epitome of grace.

if you want to channel Princess Grace at your holiday soiree, here are a couple ways to do it!

1. modcloth // 2. The Vintage Studio // 3. modcloth // 4. Etsy (accidentally lost the link! sorry)
a lightweight cape, tasteful shoes, gloves & pearls (of course) are necessities.

now go listen to Mika and pick out your party outfit. 
love love.

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