these ordinary days

I did a photo-an-hour on my last day off. I didn't do anything special, just felt like documenting the day. it's not an overly interesting bunch of photos, but it does represent my daily life pretty well!

1. good morning, green tea + honey!
2. not the most well-rounded breakfast, but yummy. 
3. where I get ready in the morning (or afternoon, in this case).
4. it looks like a lovely day outside, so I decide to make up a reason to leave my 11th-floor apartment.
5. the church I walk past every day.
6 + 7. nothing like lunch at the 'bucks. the new veggie burritos are scrumptious.
8. starting a new book. excited.
9 + 10. this kitty is always in the same spot every day I walk by. he (she?) is super friendly. 
11. list-making, my favourite hobby. to-do, wishlists, family Christmas presents. list list list. I'm also a fan of cute notebooks and can never resist buying them, even though I have absolutely no reason to have stacks of notebooks now.
12. supper time sides. nothing better.
13. nap time. :)
14 + 15. before-and-after of the most gigantic blister EVER. deserved a bunny. 
16. late-night trip out for ice cream. had a craving for ben & jerry's cookie dough. ohhh yeah. 

I can't wait to have another day like this. 


amberly said...

This is adorable!! I would love love love to spend a day with you like this! <3 Wine and ice cream? My girl!

This is a great idea for a post! And where you are looks absolutely dreamy...I hope it treats you good!

And props for getting ready at a mirror by natural sunlight - they say thats the best way to apply makeup :)

brando said...

I love our kitty friend. He's definitely the cat mob boss.