purple rain

I am digging purple lately. not exactly a fall colour, but I feel it brightens up the grey I'm surrounded by. I like the contrast.

this new dress from work pretty much encompasses my favourite outfit features right now. easy-breezy dress, classic shape, black + jewel tones. I like looking like a cupcake princess.

remember those? the little dolls with the cupcake hats, and you could flip their dress up and turn them into a cupcake. they were stylish chicas.

(also just realizing now that of you don't know what I'm talking about they sound kind of creepy.)

dress- new look // tights- american apparel // wedges- miz moos fr. Twisted Sisters

we had a rare moment of sunshine here today, so I took advantage, and also some pictures... something about sunshine makes me want to be productive. there are days when I'm tired and lazy and I prefer rainy grey afternoons spent curled up on the couch, but once it a while a boost of vitamin d really gets me motivated.

today, for instance, I actually cleaned the apartment (whilst air-guitaring to Boston; multi-tasking!), did laundry, had TWO skype dates, and got all caught up on Walking Dead.

...okay, that last one may not seem productive to some of you, but it was really fun! that show is amazing.

I also pre-emptively bought chocolate chip cookies, cause I knew I'd be wanting them later. I was right.

lots of love + cookies!

playing: peace of mind- boston

ps. ever start to notice/HATE how weird your hands look in pictures? erm.


Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

my goodness, that is a beautiful dress Sarah! I love how you paired it with those lilac-ish tights :) It looks so lovely! x

Unknown said...

I need to get caught up on The Walking Dead sometime soon! You've reminded me.
I also really love all the purple in this outfit. Those tights work perfectly with your cute little dress.