photographs & falling leaves

hi lovelies!

I've been away from the blogosphere from a couple of days, but never fear! I have some fun autumn-y things planned for the remainder of October. the first is my official "yay it's autumn let's play with leaves" post for this year... which is happening right now.

Brando & me finally got to spend a day off together (first one in two weeks!yikes). but the most adventurous thing we did was take advantage of the decent weather- aka the lack of rain- and walk to the park. it was fun though, and we met lots of friendly puppies who wanted tummy rubs and ear scratches! cuteness overload. 
and it was lovely for picture-taking, which is why you are currently being bombarded by this photographic overload... 
I hope you like them!

dress- primark (gift) // cableknit cardigan- american apparel // tights- we love colors // scarf- gift // shoes- new look // belt- modcloth

all in all it was a pretty fun day; breakfast in bed (being married is cool), CSI reruns, chocolate muffins, puppies in the park. it's nice to have an actual weekend off for a change, AND I have tomorrow free too! two days in a row. I'm pumped. hopefully the depressing Scottish weather doesn't *ahem* rain on my parade... 

here's to a happy weekend!

playing: the remainder- death cab for cutie


Unknown said...

That dress is adorable! I love that peter pan color and the lovely horse print. Also, those tights are so lovely. That magenta color is just wonderful! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

amberly said...

All of these photos are gorgeous! I love your pop of purple amongst the drying leaves! And I'd give anything for some canine affection - I feel my animal soul love tank is empty! And breakfast in bed!?! That does sound awesome, and I'm so glad you and Brando got to spend some time together! Being busy sucks but it allows you to never waste the days you have with one another -- its a chance to make new memories and have adventures!

Hope you continue to have a good weekend, love! Your eyes are STUNNING!!!!!

Unknown said...

These pictures are adorable! They scream "fall"! I really enjoy how much your purple tights pop in these pictures. The little dress is adorable too. You look fantastic!

Kyla said...

LOVE the second picture down on the right. You have such a beautiful smile!