orange is young, full of daring

after the randomness of yesterday's post, I thought I'd get back to regularly scheduled programming with the beginning of Halloween weekend.

I do happen to be working all weekend (boy oh boy), but I figured I could still get in the spirit and do a little pumpkin-carving and creepy-movie-watching.
here are some before and after (and during) photos of our jack-o-lantern!

dress- mango // tights- american apparel // shoes- miz mooz // scarf- pseudio

there you have it! a Sarah King original design. 
I rather like him. 

I pointed out to Brando that this is, to my knowledge and recollection, my first pumpkin carving. next year we're going to do one each. my friend Greg and I once found a book about crazy cool jack-o-lanterns and the things can get pretty creative. 

oh, and my dress is perfect for this season. it's black cats on orange circles, so it kinda looks like they're sitting on pumpkins! I love this dress and the lighting wasn't very good for pictures, so I will definitely be wearing it again soon. 

happy weekending! 
love love. 

playing: foreplay/long time- boston


Anonymous said...

What a gorgous dress! Lovely fall inspired outfit & your pumpkin is so cool. I would love to carve a pumpkin for Halloween, but unfortunately they are so expensive here in Australia because they are out of season :(
Kelly xo

Unknown said...

Such cute pictures with the pumpkin. I wish I'd have carved a pumpkin this year. Maybe next year!

amberly said...

These pictures are great and I love your yellow tights with those shoes!! And baah I want a circle scarf!

That is such a cute 'virgin' pumpkin, :) Glad you liked it and didn't mind the messiness and made your own design!! Can't wait for next Halloween already...

Hope you had a good one, love, and the weekend working was okay!! <33