living for the weekend


I'm still here. no worries.

does anyone remember The Weekenders? the cartoon on abc's One Saturday Morning? its theme song is in my title and I sing it every friday since I was a kid. cartoons are funny that way.

it's been a bit of a crazy week around here (not so much in a good way) so I guess I've been MIA for a while. some days are just too heavy to make computer-ing a priority, right? but I figured I'd get the ball rollin' on my posting again. bad weeks happen, but thank goodness they end! and even better on a high note.

and without further ado, some pictures of me in a parking garage...

dress + boots- new look // tights- american apparel // scarf- modcloth

the thing about me having a tough week is I kinda shut down and don't do anything. I get to this place where only laziness will make me feel better. laziness coupled with a tub of ben & jerry's cookie dough ice cream and a lot of CSI episodes. 

basically my life hasn't been very interesting. but I'm content. content, hopped up on sugar, and having far too many dreams about Gil Grissom than can be considered normal...

what are your bad-day comforts? 
happy weekend to everybody!

playing: Duncan- Sara Slean


amberly said...

I absolutely LOVE those pink tights with that dress!! Girrrl, you know how to work it! And what a cool parking garage...really! I love how they echo, I attended a performance art piece in the parking garage of an art museum once and people were hiding behind cars and making noises, it was crazy!

Honestly, I'm like you - I want something I'm craving, sweet or salty, and a good movie with some cuddle time! A cocktail or two is always nice :) or talking to my mom, she always puts me in a positive mood and its fun to swap stories!

Haha and one last thing I love is playing dress up in my closet -- put on some good music, and just plan outfits! Gets me excited to kick the next week's ass!! Hope you have a better week, love!

Unknown said...

You look so cute! Those pink tights are wonderful with the blue dress.